UE Wonderboom, a pint-sized bluetooth speaker with powerful sound

The latest addition to Ultimate Ears’ bluetooth speaker line-up

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Wonderboom is the latest addition to Ultimate Ears’ bluetooth speaker line-up and promises to be the company’s ‘most playful speaker yet’.

Wonderboom has a different design than its predecessors, UE Roll and UE Megaboom. Its rounded, compact body holds two 40mm drivers, which offer a 360° audio experience. Even though it’s small, it’s quite loud, having a sound pressure level of 86 dBC. If that is not enough, you can easily double up two speakers. There is one button on the top of the speaker for pairing and for basic controls (play, pause, skip) and two plus and minus buttons on the side for controlling the volume.

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Wonderboom’s key feature is simplicity. It’s very easy to use and is meant to be carried around everywhere. It’s waterproof, shock-proof and floats above the water, so it’s perfect for parties or as a companion while doing sports. However, simplicity means that some features had to be given up. There is no app for Wonderboom, unlike for the UE Megaboom or UE Roll. It has a classic microUSB connection for charging and it can last for up to 10 hours on one charge.

Like most bluetooth speakers, it uses a bluetooth 4.1 connection and has a wireless bluetooth range of 30 meters (100 feet). Similarly to UE Roll, it has a bungie cord which you can use to hang it anywhere. It’s a ‘pint-sized’ speaker that weighs only 425 grams (14.9 oz), so it can be easily carried around or attached to a bike or backpack.

Wonderboom is taking UE Roll’s place as the most affordable bluetooth speaker in the series - it costs $99 and is available in a wide-range of colors. The cheerful colors and the rounded shape that entices you to play with it like you would play with a ball definitely contribute to the playful character of this speaker.

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