3D Systems Projet 1500
3D Systems Projet 1500
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3D Systems Projet 1500: 15 facts and highlights

1. USB ports

With more USB ports, you are able to connect more devices.

3. height

4. layer thickness

The thinner each print layer is, the more detailed you can make your designs. Layer thickness is often also referred to as resolution and is measured in microns (µm).

5. 3D print speed

The speed at which 3d objects are printed, measured in millimeters per second.

6. audible noise

Audible noise is the noise that a device produces while in operation. Reduced audible noise improves quality.

7. Is pre-assembled

As the product arrives fully assembled, you do not have to build it from a kit.
3D Systems Projet 1500
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8. thickness

9. minimum print size

This is the smallest size of object you could print with the printer, in terms of volume (cm³).

10. shipping weight

The shipping weight gives you the information about the all package weight.

11. weight

12. idle noise level

The level of noise when it is not in use.

13. maximum creation size

This is the biggest size of object that you can print.

14. number of colors per print

A single design can be made up using different colored materials simultaneously.

15. Uses selective laser sintering (SLS)

Printers based on selective laser sintering (SLS) use a powerful laser to heat and fuse plastic, metal or ceramic powder particles together, layer-by-layer, to form a solid model. The main advantage of SLS printing is that it can produce objects with complex geometries, using a wide variety of materials.
3D Systems Projet 1500
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