Acer Predator XB321HKSamsung TC190
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Acer Predator XB321HK
Samsung TC190
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Acer Predator XB321HK vs Samsung TC190: 10 facts in comparison

1. every pixel has three subpixels

The device has a display with three full subpixels per pixel, resulting in a sharp and crisp picture. Pixels in some displays (like AMOLED) share one subpixel to preserve space. This can result in a less crisp, slightly blurred image.
Acer Predator XB321HK
Samsung TC190
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2. screen size

The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience.

3. weight

5.17kg lighter.

4. has an IPS screen

IPS (In-Plane Switching) is a technology used for LCDs. It was designed to overcome the main limitations of normal TFTs TN-matrices: relatively slow response times, small viewing angles and low quality color reproduction.
Acer Predator XB321HK
Samsung TC190
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5. height

76.4mm shorter.

6. resolution

6.33x higher resolution.
1280 x 1024px

7. supports swivel

Swivel is the ability for the monitor head to be rotated left or right. This enables users to share screen images without causing visual distortion.
Acer Predator XB321HK
Samsung TC190
34% have it

8. width

327.2mm narrower.

9. thickness

112.9mm thinner.

10. has a socket for a 3.5 mm audio jack

With a standard mini jack socket, you can use the device with most headphones.
Acer Predator XB321HK
Samsung TC190
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