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Agility JS
Agility JS
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Key features and highlights

Agility JS review: 9 facts and highlights

1. Has two-way databinding

Models and views can be bound to update each other.
Agility JS
54% have it

2. minified file size without dependencies

Smaller file size means faster load times.
Flight: 14KB

3. Extends HTML

Some people see this as an advantage as it eliminates the overhead from another template language.
Agility JS
27% have it

4. Published under MIT License

The MIT License is a very permissive license which allows all uses, including business use, without warranty.
Agility JS
87% have it

5. dependencies

Less dependencies means less extra scripts to include, usually resulting in less development overhead and faster load times.
SproutCore: 0

6. minified file size including dependencies

Smaller file size means faster load times.
Maria: 20KB

7. Built-in RESTful sync abstraction for models

Includes utilities to keep models in sync with their server-side representation without the need of writing jQuery boilerplate ajax calls.
Agility JS
47% have it

8. Uses observables for data binding

Models are observed for changes. This is a well known pattern. Can be more performant than dirty-checking in some cases.
Agility JS
80% have it

9. number of years old

Older frameworks are often more stable, battle-proven and there are more resources and tutorials on them. As a company you have a larger talent pool to recruit from.
Sammy JS: 4years

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