Amazon Fire HD 6

10 Reasons why Amazon Fire HD 6 is better

than the average

1.A lot faster CPU clock speed
4 x 1.5GHzvs 3.0 x 1.4GHz (the average)
vs 8 x 2.1GHz (best: Linshof Performance Tablet)
2.Higher pixel density
252ppivs 208ppi (the average)
vs 359ppi (best: Dell Venue 8 7000 LTE)
290gvs 544g (the average)
vs 0.507g (best: Acer Iconia W510-1674)
169mmvs 234mm (the average)
vs 83.2mm (best: HP Slate 6 VoiceTab)
103mmvs 162mm (the average)
vs 87mm (best: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-X1)
6.Explicitly less body volume
186cm³vs 413cm³ (the average)
vs 108.4cm³ (best: Chromo Inc 7" (Android 4.1))
7.Clearly better video recording quality
1,080 x 30fpsvs 960 x 30.6fps (the average)
vs 1,080 x 60fps (best: Apple iPad Air 2 WiFi + Cellular)
8.Has dictionary
Yesvs No (94% don't have it)
The device has a dictionary that can be accessed offline.
Fire OS 4.0
Yesvs No (the average)
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