Comparing Apple iPhone 5 64GB vs Apple iPhone 5C

1. Apple iPhone 5 64GB

9 Reasons why Apple iPhone 5 64GB is better

Comparing Apple iPhone 5 64GB vs Apple iPhone 5C

112gvs 132g (Apple iPhone 5C)
7.6mmvs 8.97mm (Apple iPhone 5C)
3.Notably more internal storage
64GBvs 32GB (Apple iPhone 5C)
58.6mmvs 59.2mm (Apple iPhone 5C)
123.8mmvs 124.4mm (Apple iPhone 5C)
6.Less body volume
55.1cm³vs 66.1cm³ (Apple iPhone 5C)
7.Iphone is better than s3 bcz iphone uses quality products.
8.Htc one s is better- 1 reason
Htc one s have touch autofocus not none
9.Super ex pensive
the price of the i phone you buy 2 920 or 3
Apple iPhone 5 64GB
Apple iPhone 5 64GB specs
Apple iPhone 5 64GB features
Apple iPhone 5 64GB pros and cons
Apple iPhone 5 64GB advantages
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2. Apple iPhone 5C

7 Reasons why Apple iPhone 5C is better

Comparing Apple iPhone 5C vs Apple iPhone 5 64GB

1.Clearly more battery power
1510mAhvs 1440mAh (Apple iPhone 5 64GB)
2.Front camera has BSI sensor
A backside illuminated camera sensor is better at capturing images in low light. It is useful to have it on your front camera if you have video chats etc. in places without much light.
You don't need to get a third party app to have face to face communication
4.Has iMessage
Free texts between iPhones
5.Snapchat Works
Snapchat isn't slow on iPhone
6.Smooth to hold
Shape and material of the back of the phone fits well in your hand
7.Posiada apple Music
Android dopiero go dostanie jesienią 2015 roku ale nie wiadoma czy od android 4 go dostanie.
Apple iPhone 5C
Apple iPhone 5C specs
Apple iPhone 5C features
Apple iPhone 5C pros and cons
Apple iPhone 5C advantages
Apple iPhone 5C disadvantages