ARM Cortex-A76

ARM Cortex-A76

ARM Cortex-A76 review: specs and price

ARM Cortex-A76
ARM Cortex-A76

Why is ARM Cortex-A76 better than the average?

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ARM Cortex-A76

ARM Cortex-A76 AmazonHuawei P30 Ele-L29 Duos 128GB GSM Smartp...Huawei P30 Ele-L29 Duos 128GB GSM Smartphone, 6.1" Display, HiSilicon Kirin 980 2.6/1.92/1.8GHz Octa-Core, 6GB RAM, 40MP Rear & 32MP Front Camera, Android 9.0 (Pie), Unlocked, Aurora
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General info

1.Supports 64-bit
ARM Cortex-A76
A 32-bit operating system can only support up to 4GB of RAM. 64-bit allows more than 4GB, giving increased performance. It also allows you to run 64-bit apps.


1.Supports ECC memory
ARM Cortex-A76
Error-correcting code memory can detect and correct data corruption. It is used when is it essential to avoid corruption, such as scientific computing or when running a server.


1.Has dynamic frequency scaling
ARM Cortex-A76
Dynamic frequency scaling is a technology that allows the processor to conserve power and reduce noise when it is under a light load.
2.Supports hardware-assisted virtualization
ARM Cortex-A76
It is easier to obtain better performance when using virtualization if it is hardware-assisted.
3.Has out-of-order execution
ARM Cortex-A76
Out-of-order execution is used in CPUs to make use of instruction cycles that would normally be wasted due to delays.
4.Has TrustZone
ARM Cortex-A76
A technology integrated into the processor to secure the device for use with features such as mobile payments and streaming video using digital rights management (DRM).

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