Comparing Atlanta vs Nashville

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1. Atlanta

19 Reasons why Atlanta is better

Comparing Atlanta vs Nashville

1.Higher average maximum temperature
22.3°Cvs 21.2°C (Nashville)
Can get very hot but good when doing water sports. Source: Wikipedia, 2016; WMO, 2016.
2.Less rainy days in a year
113.3vs 118.9 (Nashville)
Source: Wikipedia, 2016; WMO, 2016.
3.Significantly higher average temperature/warmer
17°Cvs 15.4°C (Nashville)
Source: Wikipedia, 2016; WMO, 2016.
4.Clearly higher gross domestic product (GDP)
304$ billionvs 81$ billion (Nashville)
The level of GDP shows how rich and productive the city is. Source: Wikipedia, 2016.
5.A bike sharing system
Yesvs No (Nashville)
Bike sharing system makes a city more cyclist friendly, shows city’s pro cyclist attitude and gives new touristic opportunities. Source: Wikipedia, 2016.
6.Younger population
33.1 yearsvs 34.2 years (Nashville)
Cities with younger population have usually better development perspectives. Young societies are more dynamic and creative. Source: Wikipedia, 2016; city's official stats, 2016.
7.Noticeably more big sport facilities (stadiums, arenas, ect.)
6vs 2 (Nashville)
With more large sport facilities (20,000 seats +), a city is able to organize more important sporting events. Source:, 2016.
8.Has mountains nearby
Yesvs No (Nashville)
Source: Wikipedia, 2016; city's official website, 2016.
9.Considerably more billionaires from annual Forbes report residing within the city
3vs 2 (Nashville)
Number of billionaires can indicate if the city has significant agglomerations of personal wealth. Source: Forbes, 2016.
10.Noticeably more international corporate headquarters
4vs 1 (Nashville)
The presence of corporate headquarters shows global economic significance and can offer employment opportunities. Source: CNNMoney, 2016.
11.Vastly faster population growth
3%vs 0.55% (Nashville)
Population growth is the change in a population over time. The higher the growth the more dynamic society feels. Growth of population can be connected with economic, cultural and social development of the city, which attracts more and more people who want to live in it. Source: Wikipedia, 2016.
12.Is/was a host city of the Olympics
Yesvs No (Nashville)
Source: Wikipedia, 2016.
13.Marginally higher proportion of men
49.8%vs 48.4% (Nashville)
There's an oversupply of male population which can be good for single women. Source: Wikipedia, 2016; city's official stats, 2016.
14.Appreciably more singles
78%vs 63% (Nashville)
Bigger single population indicates that living alone in the city is easier and more affordable. It's also usually connected with better night life and dating possibilities. Source: Wikipedia, 2016; city's official stats, 2016.
15.Has friendlier persons always around
everyone is friendly and helpfull... you'll never be alone in Lisbon!
Mumbais economy is much better than UAE
17.Significantly more trees
Atlanta has a reputation as the "city in a forest" due to its abundance of trees, unique among major cities. Source: Wikipedia
18.More parks
Atlanta as 343 parks, Miami has 80. Source: Wikipedia
19.Greater ethnic diversity
Atlanta has greater ethnic diversity including Whites, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians. Miami is almost exclusively Hispanic. Source: US Census data 2012
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2. Nashville

10 Reasons why Nashville is better

Comparing Nashville vs Atlanta

1.Appreciably lower unemployment rate
6.6%vs 9.6% (Atlanta)
Low unemployment rate indicates better career opportunities and economic growth. Source: Wikipedia, 2016; city's official stats, 2016.
2.Significantly more universities
17vs 4 (Atlanta)
Universities as centres of higher education and research, are important contribution to city’s development. Source: Wikipedia, 2016.
3.Notably lower population density
460 people/km²vs 1230 people/km² (Atlanta)
Population density shows how cramped or spread out inhabitants are. Cities with high population densities can be considered overpopulated, but the extent to which this is the case depends on factors like quality of housing and infrastructure and access to resources. Source: Wikipedia, 2016.
4.Vastly more inhabitants
1 millionvs 1 million (Atlanta)
Cities with bigger population usually offer better employment and entertainment opportunities. Big cities attract business, are trade and cultural centres and research hubs. Source: Wikipedia, 2016.
5.Has lake/s
Yesvs No (Atlanta)
Source: Wikipedia, 2016; city's official website, 2016.
6.Noticeably higher proportion of women
51.6%vs 50.2% (Atlanta)
There's an oversupply of female population which can be good for single men. Source: Wikipedia, 2016; city's official stats, 2016.
7.Noticeably lower murder rate
9vs 18 (Atlanta)
Murder rate expresses number of murders per 100,000 inhabitants. Lower murder rate indicates safer city and better quality of living. Source: Wikipedia, 2016.
8.Has a public health care
Yesvs No (Atlanta)
Public health care is more affordable for an average citizen and usually guaranteed for everyone. Source: city's official website, 2016.
9.Measurably lower average minimum temperature
9.7°Cvs 11.7°C (Atlanta)
It can get cold in winter but good for doing winter sports, particularly if there is snow. Source: Wikipedia, 2016; WMO, 2016.
10.Significantly lower VAT
7%vs 10% (Atlanta)
Source: Wikipedia, 2016.
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