Beaver Creek


Crested Butte

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Beaver Creek
Crested Butte

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Beaver Creek vs Crested Butte

Beaver Creek
Crested Butte

How does Beaver Creek compare to Crested Butte?

  • 29 more ski slopes

  • 4 more restaurants/bars

  • 25inches more seasonal snowfall

  • 39 more ski trails (medium difficulty)

  • Allows off-piste skiing
  • 13910 larger uphill capacity per hour

  • 20 more ski trails (high difficulty)

  • 1.8km longer ski run


How does Crested Butte compare to Beaver Creek?

  • 127.5km closer to nearest airport

  • 1.5hours longer opening hours

  • 219meters higher summit

  • 1 more hiking trails

  • 1 more chalets

  • 2 more snow parks

  • 389meters higher base elevation

  • Has lake/s

General info

A nearby airport is ideal, as journeying by car or bus through mountainous areas can take longer than on flat terrain.
2.opening hours



The opening hours is the average number of hours per day that the resort is open for skiing. Long opening hours mean you can go for an early ski, or have a long sleep and go later.
3.summit height above sealevel



The summit is higher above sea level. This means the mountain can have lots of snow, even in springtime.
Source: city's official website, 2021.
5.base elevation



The level of the base of the mountain above sea level.
6.Is child friendly
Beaver Creek
Crested Butte
The resort has dedicated on site childrens clubs, so no need to worry about a babysitter.


The total number of ski slopes available at the resort.
Ski trail difficulty is measured in "percent slope", a system in which a 100% slope equals a 45-degree angle. Medium difficulty trails (marked with a blue square) have a slope gradient between 25% and 40%. These trails are ideal for regular skiers.
3.Allows off-piste skiing
Beaver Creek
Crested Butte
In resorts which allow off piste-skiing, you can ski anywhere which is great for adventurous types. However, there are hazards such cliff edges, avalanches or simply getting lost and suffering exhaustion.
This is the amount of people that can be transported by ski lifts etc. per hour. A bigger uphill capacity can indicate less waiting time, although it will be affected by how busy the resort is.
Ski trail difficulty is measured in "percent slope", a system in which a 100% slope equals a 45-degree angle. High-difficulty trails (marked with a black diamond) have a slope gradient of more than 40%; such trails are designed for experienced skiers who enjoy a good challenge.
6.longest run



The longest ski run at the resort. A longer run can be more challenging and will test your endurance.


More restaurants and bars can indicate a lively nightlife, as well as offering visitors more choice.
Rather than having to trek back to the base of the mountain, it is a lot more convenient to have restaurants and bars on the slopes.
Source: Wikipedia, 2021; city's official website, 2021.
Source: Wikipedia, 2021; city's official website, 2021.
Hiking trails allow you to explore the mountain on foot and take in some of the breathtaking views from the mountain’s peak.
6.Has a spa
Beaver Creek
Crested Butte
After a day out in the snow, you can get warm and relaxed in the spa.


The resort will be more easily accessible when serviced by public transport. It is also usually cheaper than other modes of transport.
With more hostels and hotels at the resort you have a range to choose from.
A chalet is a type of house commonly found in ski resorts. Renting your own chalet can be fun and can often work out cheaper than staying in a hotel.
Bigger number of kindergartens makes it easier to combine career opportunities with bringing up a child. Source: city's official stats, 2021.
5.Hosts conferences
Beaver Creek
Crested Butte
The resort offers facilities so that companies and organisations can hold conferences or other corporate events.
Five star hotels at the resort can indicate prestige. It can provide luxurious accommodation to those wanting to spend a bit more.


1.seasonal snowfall



The average snowfall each season as measured in inches. The more snowfall there is, the more powdery and fluffy the ski slopes will be.

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