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Bissell DigiPro 6900
Bissell DigiPro 6900
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Bissell DigiPro 6900 review: 10 facts and highlights

1. uses bags

The device uses disposable bags - you don't have to get yourself dirty emptying and cleaning it.
Bissell DigiPro 6900
49% have it

2. height

Panasonic MC-CG301: 233mm

3. thickness

AEG Ergorapido: 110mm

4. Has a protected bumper

The powerheads bumper is protected so you don't knock the paint on baseboards or damage furniture when you bump into them.
Bissell DigiPro 6900
22% have it

5. Indicates when full

The device alerts you when the vacuum cleaner is full.
Bissell DigiPro 6900
29% have it

6. Has a dual edge cleaning

Special suction vents are present on the sides of the powerhead, not just the middle, so it will suck up dirt from tight spaces.
Bissell DigiPro 6900
8% have it

7. cleans all floor types

The device is designed to adjust to all types of flooring and all sorts of everyday environments.
Bissell DigiPro 6900
35% have it

8. Has auto cord rewind

The cord automatically winds up, reducing hassle with storage.
Bissell DigiPro 6900
46% have it

9. weight

Dyson DC59 Animal: 2.3kg

10. width

Shark Lift-Around NP320: 210mm

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