Bosch SHX3AR75UC

Bosch SHX3AR75UC

Bosch SHX3AR75UC review: specs and price

Bosch SHX3AR75UC
Bosch SHX3AR75UC

Why is Bosch SHX3AR75UC better than the average?

  • Number of place settings

  • Water consumption annual

  • Thickness

  • Weight

  • Minimum water pressure

  • Quickest cycle


Price comparison

General info



The height represents the vertical dimension of the product. We consider a smaller height better because it assures easy maneuverability.
2.audible noise


Audible noise is the noise that a device produces while in operation. Reduced audible noise improves quality.


We consider a thinner chassis better because it makes the product more compact and portable. Thinness is a feature highlighted by many manufacturers of mobile devices, but it is essential for a wide range of products.


We consider a lower weight better because lighter devices are more comfortable to carry. A lower weight is also an advantage for home appliances, as it makes transportation easier, and for many other types of products.
5.Has a self latching door
Bosch SHX3AR75UC
Self latching doors are good because if you push them so that they are almost closed, they will shut automatically.


The width represents the horizontal dimension of the product. We consider a smaller width better because it assures easy maneuverability.


1.quickest cycle


A really quick cycle can be a great option if you are in a hurry.
2.has delay start option
Bosch SHX3AR75UC
With a delay start option you can schedule the machine to begin at a later time. You can also set the machine to wash at night if your electricity is cheaper outside of peak times.
3.maximum delay start


This is the maximum amount of time you can set the machine to begin in the future.
4.number of cycle programs


With a wider range of programs to choose from you can be more specific and choose the best, most economic program for your needs.

Dish load

1.number of place settings


The number of place settings indicates the amount the dishwasher can hold. One place setting refers to the complete set of dishes and cutlery that one person would use for a meal.
2.Has a half load option
Bosch SHX3AR75UC
This option dramatically reduces cycle time and water consumption when washing small, lightly soiled loads that fill half or less of the dishwasher’s capacity.
3.number of flip tines in lower rack


More flip tines create more storage space within the machine.
4.number of flip tines in upper rack


More flip tines create more storage space within the machine.


1.annual power consumption


The more power per year a device consumes, the less energy efficient it is, making it more costly over time.
2.has top energy efficiency rating
Bosch SHX3AR75UC
The appliance is either Energy Star Certified, or has an EU energy efficiency rating of A++ or A+++. This means it consumes around 20-30% less energy than is required by the minimum local standards for energy efficiency.
3.water consumption annual


Machines which use less water are good for the environment and can save you money in utility bills.
4.minimum water pressure


This is the minimum level of water pressure required by the device in order to function properly, as measured in pounds per inch. The lower the pressure the more energy efficient it is.


1.Has sanitize option
Bosch SHX3AR75UC
With a sanitize option the machine uses high temperatures in order to kill bacteria.
2.has aqua stop
Bosch SHX3AR75UC
Aqua stop machines have a special mechanical system which cuts off the water flow into the tub if a fault occurs with the inlet pipe.

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