Byton Concept

Byton Concept

Byton Concept review: 14 facts and highlights

Byton Concept
Byton Concept

Why is Byton Concept better than the average?

  • Maximum torque

  • Horsepower

  • Maximum distance (EPA-estimated driving range)

  • Screen size (in-car system)


General info

1.Has four-wheel drive
Byton Concept
Four-wheel drive is a system where torque is distributed to all four wheels of the vehicle. It is beneficial in some circumstances such as providing increased traction in tricky weather conditions, but is most suited to off-road driving.
2.Is an electric car
Byton Concept
An electric car runs off a battery that can be recharged at home or at public charging points. Due to the savings costs of electricity compared to petrol (gasoline) it can greatly reduce running costs, and is also better for the environment as the car produces 0 emissions.




We consider a shorter length better because a compact chassis is generally easier to maneuver.


1.maximum torque


Torque is a measurement of an engine’s power, closely related to horsepower. More torque indicates a more powerful vehicle and is also a good indication of its acceleration.


Horsepower is the most common unit for measuring the power of an engine.
3.Has Stop-Start system
Byton Concept
A Stop-Start system automatically turns off the engine when stopping in traffic or at a red light, and seamlessly starts it again when pressure is applied to the accelerator. This saves fuel and is more ecological.
4.maximum distance (EPA-estimated driving range)


The maximum distance an electric or hybrid car can travel on electric only, from a full charge (EPA-estimated driving range).


1.Has a rear-view camera
Byton Concept
A rear-view camera (also known as a back-up camera) provides a view of behind the vehicle, helping to prevent accidents. It is particularly useful in vehicles with large blind spots such as pickup trucks.
2.Has in-car system
Byton Concept
An in-car system (e.g., Ford SYNC, Apple CarPlay) offers extra functionalities, such as navigation, taking phone calls (when linked to your smartphone) and controlling music.
3.Has height-adjustable seat belts
Byton Concept
Height-adjustable seat belts permit passengers of different sizes to move the seat belt up or down for improved comfort. They are also especially useful for increasing the safety of children.
4.Has smart key as standard
Byton Concept
A smart key is a wireless key that offers several benefits over a traditional key. For example when you approach the car the doors will automatically unlock, and you can turn the engine on with the press of a button.
5.Has regenerative braking
Byton Concept
Hybrids and electric cars use regenerative braking, which captures the kinetic energy produced by braking and converts it into electricity. This then charges the battery, effectively increasing the car’s fuel efficiency.
6.screen size (in-car system)


A bigger screen size for the in-car system provides a better user experience and is easier to use while driving.

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