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Coby MP620
Coby MP620
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Coby MP620 review: 18 facts and highlights

1. thickness

Apple iPod nano: 5.4mm

2. internal storage

Cowon X7 160GB: 160GB

3. resolution

128 x 160px
Apple iPod 5 touch 32G: 640 x 1136px

4. has stereo speakers

Devices with stereo speakers deliver sound from independent channels on both left and right sides, creating a richer sound and a better experience.
Coby MP620
64% have it

5. has USB mass storage support

It can transfer files, music, photos via USB, no need to install additional software.
Coby MP620
87% have it

6. screen size

The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience.
Coby MP957: 5"

7. pixel density

Creative ZEN X-Fi3 32GB: 369ppi

8. width

Philips GoGEAR Mini: 24.5mm

9. has a battery level indicator

An indicator shows you when the device has low battery.
Coby MP620
89% have it

10. volume

Apple iPod shuffle: 7.97cm³

11. has a radio

It works as an FM radio with included headsets
Coby MP620
80% have it

12. Has music playback

The device can play mp3 music files.
Coby MP620

13. USB version

Newer USB versions are faster and have better power management.
Creative ZEN Style M300 4GB: 2

14. height

Sony NWZ-B172: 22.5mm

15. has a rechargeable battery

The battery can be recharged and used over again.
Coby MP620
97% have it

16. battery power

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0: 2500mAh

17. Has access to real library to “borrow” e-books

Users can get access to books from real libraries.
Coby MP620
0% have it

18. every pixel has three subpixels

The device has a display with three full subpixels per pixel, resulting in a sharp and crisp picture. Pixels in some displays (like AMOLED) share one subpixel to preserve space. This can result in a less crisp, slightly blurred image.
Coby MP620
81% have it

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