E-Mu Xboard 25
E-Mu Xboard 25
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E-Mu Xboard 25 review: 25 facts and highlights

1. volume

CME Xkey: 838.08cm³

2. Has a display

The device has an electronic display to present information to the user.
E-Mu Xboard 25
68% have it

3. Has a pitch wheel

The pitch wheel alters the pitch and timbre of a sound in real-time. It can give fine tuning control from fractions of a semi-tone to huge multi-octave pitch swings.
E-Mu Xboard 25
66% have it

4. weight

Akai Professional LPK 25: 453g

5. Has octave buttons

The octave buttons are used to shift the keyboard up or down in one octave increments. This extends the range of the keyboard in either direction, which lets you play notes that lie outside the number of keys available.
E-Mu Xboard 25

6. number of buttons

The more buttons the device has, the more complex the input can be.
Novation SL MkII 61: 58

7. drum pads

The pads section is ideal to trigger loops and samples, using your finger drum skills.
Novation Launchkey 61: 16

8. Has aftertouch keyboard

The keyboard also respond to the amount of force applied after initial impact. On electronic keyboards and synthesizers, this pressure sensitivity is usually called aftertouch.
E-Mu Xboard 25
40% have it

9. Has velocity sensitive keys

Velocity sensitive keys are just spring loaded keys that sound out louder the harder you hit them. If you "lightly" press a key, the sound will be quiet; the harder you press, the louder it gets.
E-Mu Xboard 25
69% have it

10. The device is mappable

Users can map, set and regulate the entire midi controller giving different functionalities to all different buttons, knobs and faders. The device could be also set up with different softwares.
E-Mu Xboard 25
79% have it

11. Has synth-action keys

A synth-action keyboard feels more like an electronic organ. The spring-loaded keys are light and capable of being moved very quickly. They also tend to return to their resting position much more quickly. Synth-action keys are perfect for musicians who aren’t pianists by nature, such as guitarists wanting to add MIDI functionality to their setup.
E-Mu Xboard 25
17% have it

12. Has backlit LED buttons

Buttons will light up when pressed, resulting in better visibility to users.
E-Mu Xboard 25
73% have it

13. Has navigation buttons

Navigation buttons allows users to navigate through their files/data.
E-Mu Xboard 25
20% have it

14. Has a modulation wheel

The mod wheel is used to add expression, or to modulate (change) various elements of a sound or sample.
E-Mu Xboard 25
66% have it

15. number of faders

Faders can be either channel volume faders, pitch sliders, crossfaders or even EQs.
Nektar Panorama P6: 10

16. MIDI device works and communicates via USB

Devices can communicate in both directions with each other without any additional MIDI interface. The biggest advantage is that the USB connection can be used for everything; power supply, MIDI-in and MIDI-out. This means you need less cables.
E-Mu Xboard 25

17. thickness

CME Xkey: 16mm

18. Is compatible with Windows

It is compatible with PCs and laptops running the Windows operating system.
E-Mu Xboard 25
99% have it

19. Is compatible with Mac OS X

It is compatible with Mac OS X devices such as MacBooks and iMacs.
E-Mu Xboard 25
99% have it

20. encoders

A type of knob that has a push button functionality built in. Encoders are for browsing and selecting your digital sound files or turning on a function that makes use of a control's rotation such as sound effects or tempo/tap tempo selection.
Novation SL MkII 61: 8

21. number of knobs

More knobs (rotating controls) can give the user more dedicated control over the device, eg. volume, effects, EQs etc. Types of knobs may differ: endless type or step type.
E-Mu Xboard 49: 16

22. total keys

The amount of keys the controller has on the keyboard.
Icon Logicon 8 air: 88

23. Has transpose button

Transpose button move automatically your keyboard notes up or down tones (raise or lower the pitch by a number of semitones).
E-Mu Xboard 25
44% have it

24. width

Akai SynthStation25: 310mm

25. height

Akai Professional LPK 25: 97mm

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