Exposure Lights Revo Mk1 Dynamo
Exposure Lights Revo Mk1 Dynamo
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Exposure Lights Revo Mk1 Dynamo: 8 facts and highlights

1. brightness (high mode)

The light is more intense on high mode. The amount of light emitted is measured in lumens.
Lupine Betty R 7: 4500lm

2. Weather sealed

Device is protected with extra seals to prevent failures due to any kind of weather.
Exposure Lights Revo Mk1 Dynamo
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3. weight

Serfas TSL-200: 50g

4. lumens per gram

It emits more lumens of light per gram of weight.
Exposure Lights Equinox: 16.12

5. warranty period

When covered under the manufacturer’s warranty it is possible to get a replacement in the case of a malfunction.
Exposure Lights Reflex Mk2: 2

6. Has tool-less mount

It has a tool-less mount, making it easier to put on and remove. This is particularly useful in big cities where crime is more prevalent.
Exposure Lights Revo Mk1 Dynamo
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7. width

Lupine Piko U4: 32mm

8. Can be mounted on handlebars

Mounted to your handlebars, the light is more suitable for biking on roads.
Exposure Lights Revo Mk1 Dynamo
96% have it

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