Garmin Vivofit

23 Reasons why Garmin Vivofit is better

than the average

1.Longer battery life
365daysvs 56days (the average)
vs 365days (best: Withings Activité)
With a longer battery life you don’t have to worry about charging the device as often.
2.Detects activities
Yesvs No (73% don't have it)
The device automatically detects when you start an activity such as jogging, saving you from entering it manually at a later time.
3.Has a stopwatch
Yesvs No (65% don't have it)
With a stopwatch you can time yourself.
4.Has exercise tagging
Yesvs No (58% don't have it)
After exercising, you can add details of your workout eg. jogging, swimming, cycling. This enables the device to provide more accurate information, such as the number of calories burnt.
5.Has achievements
Yesvs No (53% don't have it)
You are awarded achievements for reaching goals, helping to encourage you and keep you motivated.
6.Has inactivity alerts
Yesvs No (71% don't have it)
The device detects when you have been idle for too long, and alerts you to encourage you to stay active.
7.Considerably more water resistance
50mvs 30m (the average)
vs 100m (best: Runtastic Moment Fun)
These devices will not experience water damage, e.g. in the shower. Devices which can withstand more water pressure are better for swimming or diving.
25.5gvs 37.5g (the average)
vs 3g (best: Goccia)
9.Newer Bluetooth version
4vs 4 (the average)
vs 4.1 (best: Misfit Ray)
10.Includes access to online portal
Yesvs No (53% don't have it)
Your tracking data is uploaded via your smartphone or computer, and is available to view on the manufacturer’s online portal in the form of reports and graphs.
11.Its more cool
yes it is
12.It is compatible with myfitnesspal
Garmin Connect Mobile
Yesvs No (the average)
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