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What is a 360° panorama mode?

360° panoramic photos give viewers the impression of being at the center of a scene, able to see images that surround them in every direction. This sensation may be enhanced as the viewer zooms in and moves the panorama photo toward any desired direction: as if looking up, down, to the left, to the right, or turning around.

Digital 360° panoramic images in consumer electronic devices typically result from several pictures stitched together next to one another, completing a full-axis rotation – these are known as segmented panoramas or stitched panoramas. The segments that form a 360° panorama may be created as the photographer turns the camera around in a full circle; in this case, images are aligned with the help of inbuilt software. Additionally, advanced technologies such as self-rotating and multicamera systems have been developed to generate 360° panoramic images automatically, with no need for photographers to move themselves or the camera around an axis.

360° panoramic photos are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. The number of smartphones that feature an inbuilt stitched panorama feature is slowly growing. As both smartphone software and camera systems continuously evolve, we can expect this amount to rise.

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