Burst mode

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What is burst mode?

Also known as continuous shooting and serial shot mode, the burst mode allows the photographer to take multiple photos in a row (usually for as long as the camera button is touched or held down).

Continuous shooting comes quite handy when documenting rapid action, such as sports and wildlife. Although control over what is captured is reduced, the photographer has the advantage of being able to choose the best photo, increasing the chances of obtaining at least one acceptable image. Photos captured with the burst mode feature can also be turned into fun GIFs and videos with the use of apps. Consumers should, however, keep in mind that a higher number of photos implies increased storage demand and battery consumption.

The serial shot feature is a selfie addict's best friend, and fortunately for the selfie addicts, most current phones (from budget to high-end models) include a continuous shooting mode. Although the list of cameras that feature continuous shooting is extensive, we advise you always to verify if a product has a feature you want. As always, you can search for the serial shot feature with the help of Versus.

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