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What is the DXOMARK score for mobile phones?

DXOMARK is a benchmark that tests the image quality of lenses, cameras, and photos and the audio quality of smartphones.

This score is especially helpful for smartphones as it measures the mobile phone’s rear camera, front camera, and audio. For each camera, they look at the lens, sensor, camera control, and image processing. Quality evaluation, therefore, is ultimately dependent on the camera’s JPG output rather than on RAW image data.

The DXOMARK mobile score was first launched in 2012 when it was used to test the Apple iPhone 4. As mobile camera technology has advanced, DXOMARK has had to make changes to their testing protocols. Now, they “capture and analyze more than 1,500 images and two hours of video for each device” that they rank and test for the following:

A zoom sub-score that is based on extensive testing at multiple focal lengths

A new bokeh sub-score based on lab and outdoor testing

Low-light testing down to 1 Lux

Motion-based test scenes for a more accurate evaluation of camera performance and processing techniques in real-world situations

These new criteria were added in 2017 and accompanied the standard tests that measure factors such as exposure and contrast, dynamic range, saturation and hue, autofocus, flash, zoom, and more.

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