External memory slot

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What is an external memory slot?

As technology progresses, offering new possibilities and reshaping the way we live, so do file sizes: more advanced systems require more storage space, as do high-resolution photos and videos. Add to that the lifestyle transformations embodied by a generation that chooses to record and share their every move, and we can understand the ever-increasing need for lots of internal storage in consumer electronics.

In 2007, the base model of the first iPhone offered 4GB of core storage; today, that amount is not even enough to install Apple's latest iOS. Betting on cloud solutions and costly models with massive internal storage, Apple won't budge when it comes to an external memory slot – a solution provided by most mobile device manufacturers, allowing us to increase our devices' internal storage significantly by inserting inexpensive microSD cards.

Available in multiple capacities (currently up to 1TB) and tinier than a fingernail, microSD cards are a remarkably effective expandable storage solution – just bear in mind that, as any piece of technology, a microSD card could fail and shouldn't be your only backup. Besides the possibility of saving and accessing large files without filling up your gadget or eating up all your mobile data, microSD cards can also serve as storage for apps (it's up to an app's developer to enable this option).

It is no wonder that a dedicated card slot is a must for a significant percentage of mobile device enthusiasts, and most manufacturers are well aware of that. If you're an Apple fan and won't consider trying out other smartphones, there's, unfortunately, no option for you at this point.

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