Damage-resistant glass

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What is a damage-resistant glass?

If you've never had to deal with a broken smartphone display, you're likely a prodigious human being; if not, this pocket-sized contemporary tragedy might still happen to you. As we grow bolder (and less careful) with our consumer electronics usage, companies are making bank on damage-resistant glass, promising to make shattered screens and scratches less likely.

The most famous of those options is the Gorilla Glass, a chemically strengthened glass manufactured by US-American company Corning. For over a decade, several versions of Gorilla Glass have vowed to add "thin, lightweight, and cool to the touch" protection for smartphones, tablets, and wearables, with each generation being more effective than the previous ones.

Despite being a current victor in the consumer electronics market, Corning is not alone in the damage-resistant glass business. Products such as Dragontrail (manufactured by Japan's Asahi Glass Co.) and non-proprietary sapphire glass options are also available, pledging to keep your smart device as safe as possible from everyday clumsiness.

Damage-resistant glass is mostly found on smartphones. Consumers expect high-end models to include damage-resistant displays, and most manufacturers meet their buyers' expectations in this regard – be it with Gorilla Glass, Dragontrail, sapphire glass, or other damage-resistant glass technologies. This demand has also increased for mid-range phones, meaning you won't necessarily need to spend a small fortune for sturdier glass.

Wearables with damage-resistant glass are also becoming popular. As these devices offer an ever-increasing set of functionalities, a rapidly growing number of users take their tech wherever they go (and we mean that quite literally, with plenty of people wearing their gadgets 24/7). With that, wearables may be at an even higher risk of display damage. Damage-resistant glass may not be as widely available for wearables as it is for other mobile devices, but recent releases prove that the market is aware of the rising demand.

Keep in mind that none of the current damage-resistant glass alternatives is infallible, so being as careful as possible with your gadget is your best bet.

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