Internal storage

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What is internal storage?

The concept is simple: internal storage refers to the space available in a device to keep system files, applications, and user files. The dilemma around it, however, isn't such an easy one to solve: should you be spending big bucks for devices with more storage space? Although that's a personal choice, based upon one's particular needs, understanding that the call for more storage space walks hand in hand with the evolution of consumer electronics could be helpful.

Think about your smartphone: the countless apps its runs, the hundreds of photos and videos it stores, the advanced operating system that allows you to rely on your gadget for so many of your daily tasks... The amount of space required for data and app storage, as well as for system operations, is continuously increasing, which makes internal storage, a fundamental element to keep in mind when choosing a new device.

Although external memory slots and cloud computing are attractive data storage solutions, other aspects play a critical role in the internal storage equation. Firstly, there is no way around the operating system's space requirements, which could leave little room for third-party app installs. It may also happen that a new OS is available for your phone, bearing loads of new features, but higher storage demand. Besides, cloud storage relies upon an active internet connection, which can still be challenging to find during your holidays (precisely when you need space to store all those cool new photos). As for microSD cards, consumers have been let down lately, faced with top-notch flagships that have ditched the external memory slots (among other elements, such as headphone jacks).

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