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What is a keyless chuck?

Electric drills come in various shapes and sizes. Whether they are compact or heavy-duty drills, they all work with different types of bits. The part that holds the drill bits in place is called a chuck, a circular metal clamp with a hole for the drill bit in the middle.

Since some drills are very powerful, reaching speeds of up to 4,000 rotations per minute, holding the bits tightly and securely is crucial. The bits can be positioned in the chuck with the help of a special key or by hand. A drill chuck that allows you to replace the drill bits without having to use any special keys is called a keyless chuck. The main advantage of this type of chuck is that it makes the process of replacing bits much faster. You can place the bit inside the chuck and then tighten the chuck around it by twisting.

Keyless chucks have been widely used on hand drills and compact cordless drills. In the past decades, the chuck mechanism was significantly improved so that keyless chucks can be seen nowadays also on larger and more powerful drills.

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