Manual exposure

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What is manual exposure?

Manual exposure is the ability to set the lens aperture size manually. We advise you to read our detailed explanation on the workings of aperture, but in basic terms, it represents the amount of light that reaches the camera sensor. The wider the aperture, the better a camera can perform in low-light environments.

The evolution of smartphone photography has given consumers the pleasure of feeling like semiprofessional photographers, and access to aperture control plays an important role in capturing dazzling images. Manual exposure used to be restricted to advanced camera systems; in recent years, however, it became a standard Android and iOS feature for high-end smartphones.

Manufacturers don't invest nearly as much on tablet photography as they do on smartphones, and consumer demand for tablet photography is not comparable to what is expected from smartphones. Still, some of the tablets currently available on the market allow users to control photography exposure manually.

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