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What is pixel rate?

Pixel rate refers to the number of pixels that a GPU can render onto a screen every second

Digital images are made up of pixels. If you zoom in far enough on an image, you’ll notice that it’s just a bunch of pixels or squares. To process an image on a digital device such as a desktop computer or laptop, a GPU (graphics processing unit) needs to write to the local memory.

Certain graphics cards can write faster than others, which shows in the pixel rate, measured in GPixel/s. A graphics card like the Nvidia Quadro GV100, for example, has a pixel rate of 208.4 GPixel/s while the Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 2080 Ti AMP Extreme Core has a pixel rate of 154.4 GPixel/s.

The result? A higher screen resolution, especially for image-dependent graphics needed to support activities such as gaming and video editing.


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