Video recording (main camera)

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What is video recording resolution?

Video recording resolution stands for the highest video resolution that can be recorded by a device's primary camera. To understand this term, it's essential to grasp the meaning of resolution. Simply put, it expresses the number of horizontal lines contained within a video when recording a specific number of frames per second (fps) – indicating, for instance, that a 2,160 x 60fps video comprises 2,160 lines on top of one another. Note that such resolution could also be designated as "3,840 × 2,160," with the first number referring to the number of vertical lines. As an industry-standard, however, horizontal lines (also known as horizontal resolution) are the main factor when determining a device's recording resolution or the resolution of a recorded video.

Although countless factors influence what is perceived as "quality," this term can facilitate the understanding of video recording. As an example, a 720 x 30fps video contains more digital information than a 360 x 30fps file, presenting an image that is twice as sharp, and that can be viewed on a larger screen without blur.

You may be asking yourself: "but what about the frames per second?" The acronym FPS expresses the frame rate – that is, the frequency at which each image frame is shown. A frame rate of 60fps implies, therefore, that 60 frames are displayed for each second of video; although each frame is like a still photograph, the human brain perceives the combination as moving imagery.

Still photography and video devices have nearly merged, to the extent that products that would once have been regarded as primarily still photography cameras are now used in professional video making. Moreover, a single device is often able to record videos at multiple frame rates; the numbers presented on Versus represent the highest number of frames per second that the device's camera can record.

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