Comparing Google Nexus 5 vs Google Nexus 4

1. Google Nexus 5

29 Reasons why Google Nexus 5 is better

Comparing Google Nexus 5 vs Google Nexus 4

1.Measurably more battery power
2300mAhvs 2100mAh (Google Nexus 4)
2.Noticeably faster CPU clock speed
4 x 2.3GHzvs 4 x 1.5GHz (Google Nexus 4)
3.Considerably higher pixel density
445ppivs 318ppi (Google Nexus 4)
4.Sizably bigger screen size
4.95"vs 4.7" (Google Nexus 4)
The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience.
5.Vastly higher resolution
1,080 x 1,920pxvs 768 x 1,280px (Google Nexus 4)
130gvs 139g (Google Nexus 4)
8.59mmvs 9.1mm (Google Nexus 4)
8.Has built-in optical image stabilization
Yesvs No (Google Nexus 4)
Optical image stabilization uses gyroscopic sensors to detect the vibrations of the camera. The lens adjusts the optical path accordingly, ensuring that any type of motion blur is corrected before the sensor captures the image.
9.Considerably faster downloads
100MBits/svs 42MBits/s (Google Nexus 4)
10.Has fast 802.11ac WiFi connection
Yesvs No (Google Nexus 4)
802.11ac wireless works on the 5GHz frequency range. It offers higher transfer rates, improved reliability and improved power consumption. It provides advantages for gaming and HD video streaming.
11.Clearly higher GeekBench result
867vs 492 (Google Nexus 4)
This is a cross-platform benchmark that measures the performance of the CPU. (Source: Primate Labs, 2016)
12.Has a serial shot mode
Yesvs No (Google Nexus 4)
You can shoot multiple pictures in a row.
13.Significantly faster uploads
50MBits/svs 5.76MBits/s (Google Nexus 4)
14.Explicitly less body volume
81.9cm³vs 110cm³ (Google Nexus 4)
15.Substantially higher memory bandwidth
12.8GB/svs 8.5GB/s (Google Nexus 4)
A higher memory bandwidth means the memory can be accessed faster and therefore data can be retrieved quicker, having a positive effect on the performance.
16.Video flash
Video flash built in
17.Has a LED display
18.Popular series
19.It gets the first update of android!
20.Pure android experience!
it gets the first update of android and it runs over stock android
21.Google service center is very co operative
22.It has pure android.
23.Elegant look!
it has a very classy look!
24.Doest lag!
because of so much of ram and good processor
25.IMG stablization
26.Android Marshmallow v6
First it'll arive on nexus 5😎
Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974AA v2
Yesvs No (Google Nexus 4)
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Google Nexus 4
Real Size
Real Size

2. Google Nexus 4

16 Reasons why Google Nexus 4 is better

Comparing Google Nexus 4 vs Google Nexus 5

68.7mmvs 69.17mm (Google Nexus 5)
133.9mmvs 137.84mm (Google Nexus 5)
3.Has a BSI sensor
Yesvs No (Google Nexus 5)
A BSI (backside illuminated) sensor is a camera image sensor which captures better quality images in poor lighting conditions, and offers better overall sharpness and image quality.
4.Has manual ISO
Yesvs No (Google Nexus 5)
This allows to manually set the ISO level.
5.Is a SlimPort device
With SlimPort you can view HD content on a TV or monitor, by connecting it to the devices micro USB port.
6.Supports QI Charging
This phone can charge wirelessly with any QI charging surface.
7.Much cheaper
8.Ubuntu touch support
Nexus 4 is reference device for Canonical developers for delivering fresh builds of their mobile OS
9.Sailfish OS support
Jolla has released icy fresh build of theirs OS under nexus 4
10.Wrapped glass edges
Feels nicer in the hand
11.Guaranteed android lollipop update
12.A much high-end design
The Nexus 4's design includes a dotted glass pattern on the back which sparkles when seen from various angles.
13.A more premium feel
Thanks to it's glass backing, it gives the phone a more premium feel to it when compared to phones with a plastic backing.
14.Google will know everything
15.Nice glas back
also shiny
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