Grado SR60e

4 Reasons why Grado SR60e is better

than the average

124gvs 191g (the average)
vs 3g (best: AKG IP2)
2.Noticeably longer cable
2.13mvs 1.68m (the average)
vs 6m (best: AKG Q 701)
A long cable ensures more freedom of movement.
3.Has an on-ear form
Yesvs No (78% don't have it)
This device comfortably rests on top of your outer ears. As it doesn't block out everything from the outside world, it's preferred in places like office environments and recommended for outdoor activities.
4.Is open backed
Yesvs No (90% don't have it)
The device is designed to allow sound out through the back of the earcup and provides very natural and accurate sound. It's good for home listening.
Grado SR60e
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