HarmonyOS 2

HarmonyOS 2

HarmonyOS 2 review: 19 facts and highlights

HarmonyOS 2

Why is HarmonyOS 2 better than the average?

General info

The web browser has automatic word wrap when zooming, the user can easily read long lines without scrolling horizontally.
2.Supports widgets
HarmonyOS 2
You can add widgets to the home screen. This allows you to have more flexibility and to see information at a glance, without going into the app.
With a search browser app, you can surf the internet from your device.


It can be updated over the air (OTA) w/o connecting to a computer
All your contacts and calendar dates are synced over-the-air.


With a large enough data plan, you could cancel your home internet and use the device as a hotspot.
A screenshot feature enables you to capture an image of your device's active screen. Most platforms offer built-in options for taking screenshots.
You can easily manage notifications by adjusting your preferences, and you can also turn them off completely for specific apps.
The device will signal upcoming turns and prepare you, ensuring you stay on route.
5.supports video chat
HarmonyOS 2
With video chat, also known as videotelephony, you can make audio and video calls from your device, enjoying a more natural interaction, similar to in-person meetings.
Copy-paste is one of the most popular commands in human-computer interaction. It's a method of reproducing data from a source to a destination. Nowadays, all web browsers support it.
Operating systems that support bookmark synchronization across devices help you keep your favorite web content up to date and easily accessible on all your mobile devices.
8.has voice commands
HarmonyOS 2
You can use your voice to control key functions of the device and you can easily access your device without pushing any button.
It can automatically shoot pictures with a higher dynamic range (HDR).


1.Has sharing intents
HarmonyOS 2
If an app has sharing capabilities and the developers have indicated it, the app will automatically appear in your list of sharing options. Some OS’s limit direct sharing options to a select few apps, which means you have to open apps separately in order to upload the files you want to share.

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