Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
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Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
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Hotpoint WDAL 9640G vs LG F1496AD: 25 facts in comparison

1. Has a transparent door

With a transparent door you can look inside the machine and see what laundry is inside.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
97% have it

2. has an end of cycle signal

The machine will let you know when it is finished with an alarm or even by playing a tune.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
58% have it

3. laundry capacity

More weight capacity helps if you want to wash something heavy like curtains. A traditional household machine can hold around 6kg, so with a machine much bigger you may waste energy using it when only half full.
LG WD1252RW: 12kg

4. has a dot matrix display

Dot matrix displays can show important text or graphics using a matrix of lights or mechanical indicators like the display on a calculator.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
84% have it

5. number of cycle programs

With a wider range of programs to choose from you can be more specific and choose the best, most economic program for your needs.
AEG L14950: 25

6. has a direct drive motor

A direct drive motor has no belt and pulley. This means it wastes less power in friction, are less prone to breakdowns and have longer lifetimes in general. They are able to operate more quietly and with less vibration.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
19% have it

7. thickness

55mm thinner.
Candy GO4W464-80 Alisé: 440mm

8. has a temperature selector

You can select the temperature manually if you want more precision and override the preset programmes.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
56% have it

9. front loading machine

Front loading machines are good as you can use the space above and sometimes stack a dryer on top. In general front loading machines use less energy, using less water by only partly filling the drum and obtaining higher spin speeds which clean without requiring as much heat.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
99% have it

10. has sensor drying

The machine will analyse how much heat is needed in order to dry each specific load, therefore increasing efficiency and saving energy.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
55% have it

11. water consumption annual

Machines which use less water are good for the environment and can save you money in utility bills.
LG F1496AD5: 1296l

12. noise level spin

During a spin, machines can get quite noisy. With less noise the machine is not as distracting and you won't be restricted to using it at certain times.
Hitachi BD-V9500L: 39dB

13. width

5mm narrower.
Haier JW-G50C: 560mm

14. noise level wash

With a lower noise level for washing you can worry less about disruption and may be able to do a wash at night or while reading.
Hitachi BD-V9500L: 32dB

15. has a pause option

This means you can stop the machine if you want to add something you forgot, or get something out that you need urgently.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
50% have it

16. weight

10kg lighter.
Haier JW-G50C: 34kg

17. Has an eco cold wash option

With an eco wash option, you can help the environment while saving on water heating costs. With this option, the machine utilizes cold water and a fast spin for effective cleaning.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
0% have it

18. has a child lock

A child lock enables adults to prevent or restrict children’s use of the device.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
60% have it

19. Has a load sensor

Machines with a load sensor can weigh the load and adjust settings accordingly. This means you don't have to feel as guilty about doing a smaller load as the machine will use less water.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
55% have it

20. has a hot water connection

A hot water connection means that you can provide the machine with hot water from your main hot water supply. This can be faster than an internal heater and can save money if you have a cheap and efficient water heater.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
19% have it

21. height

0mm shorter.
Candy EVO W 6853D GrandO Evo: 800mm

22. has delay start option

With a delay start option you can schedule the machine to begin at a later time. You can also set the machine to wash at night if your electricity is cheaper outside of peak times.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
70% have it

23. There is the option to adjust the height of the machine

You can adjust the height of the machine which means that if the floor is uneven you can level it out.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
28% have it

24. has cupboard integration capability

The device is designed a specific way so that it can be built into a cupboard.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
12% have it

25. has a smartphone diagnostic system

Any faults with your machine can be detected and diagnosed at an early stage with a smartphone. The machine will send a signal indicating what is wrong and how to fix it, without you having to call for help.
Hotpoint WDAL 9640G
LG F1496AD
17% have it

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