iFit Active

6 Reasons why iFit Active is better

than the average

1.Has exercise tagging
Yesvs No (59% don't have it)
After exercising, you can add details of your workout eg. jogging, swimming, cycling. This enables the device to provide more accurate information, such as the number of calories burnt.
2.Tracks calorie intake
Yesvs No (68% don't have it)
Using the app, you can input the food you eat to help you manage your nutrition better.
3.Newer Bluetooth version
4vs 4 (the average)
vs 4.1 (best: Misfit Ray)
4.It tells time
Ifit active can tell you what time it is
5.Have a iFit Machine
Fitbit does not work with iFit machines
6.Its not! I've worn body media for nearly 5 years
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