iOS 10

iOS 10

iOS 10 review: 24 facts and highlights

iOS 10
iOS 10

Why is iOS 10 better than the average?

  • more emojis available
  • more languages supported

Key features and highlights

General info

1.Supports OpenGL ES 3.0, allowing for improved game graphics
iOS 10
2.Supports widgets
iOS 10

You can add widgets to the home screen. This allows you to have more flexibility and to see information at a glance, without going into the app.

3.has a search browser
iOS 10

With a search browser application you can surf the internet from your device.

4. more languages supported



Windows 10



1.can be updated over-the-air
iOS 10

It can be updated over the air (OTA) w/o connecting to a computer

2.has free syncing OTA
iOS 10

All your contacts and calendar dates are synced over-the-air.


1.Has customizable notifications
iOS 10

You can easily manage notifications by adjusting your preferences, and you can also turn them off completely for specific apps.

2.Supports video chat
iOS 10
3.can be used as a WiFi hot spot
iOS 10

With a large enough data plan, you could cancel your home internet and use the device as a hotspot.

4.You can take a screenshot of your phone's screen
iOS 10
5.Has GPS navigation with turn-by-turn directions
iOS 10

The device will signal upcoming turns and prepare you, ensuring you stay on route.

6.Tracks the current position of a mobile device
iOS 10

The OS has a feature for tracking the position of a mobile device. This feature is particularly useful if your phone gets stolen or if you lose it.


1.Has sharing intents
iOS 10

If an app has sharing capabilities and the developers have indicated it, the app will automatically appear in your list of sharing options. Some OS’s limit direct sharing options to a select few apps, which means you have to open apps separately in order to upload the files you want to share.

2.has a serial shot mode
iOS 10

You can shoot multiple pictures in a row.

3. more emojis available



iOS 11


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