Les Gets
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Les Gets: 33 facts and highlights

1. skiable area

The size of area available for skiers to enjoy on the mountain as measured in kilometres.

2. mountain height

The height of the mountain is the difference in height between the lowest and highest point. Tall mountains can offer longer pistes, better views, and often better snowfall.

3. restaurants

More restaurants and bars can indicate a lively nightlife, as well as offering visitors more choice.

4. ski pass daily

The average price of a one day "all access" ski pass at the resort.

5. restaurants on the slopes

Rather than having to trek back to the base of the mountain, it is a lot more convenient to have restaurants and bars on the slopes.

6. Has night skiing

Certain trails are illuminated so that you can carry on skiing even after the sun goes down.
Les Gets
51% have it

7. hotels and hostels

With more hostels and hotels at the resort you have a range to choose from.

8. Has a ski school

Ski schools offer lessons to beginners.
Les Gets
94% have it

9. The resort has open cross country skiing

Cross country skiing is an Olympic sport which provides great exercise for both the upper and lower body.
Les Gets
88% have it

10. summit height above sealevel

The summit is higher above sea level. This means the mountain can have lots of snow, even in springtime.

11. snowfall march

Average snowfall in the month of March.

12. base elevation

The level of the base of the mountain above sea level.

13. hiking trails

Hiking trails allow you to explore the mountain on foot and take in some of the breathtaking views from the mountain’s peak.

14. number of kindergartens

Bigger number of kindergartens makes it easier to combine career opportunities with bringing up a child. Source: city's official stats, 2017.

15. Is child friendly

The resort has dedicated on site childrens clubs, so no need to worry about a babysitter.
Les Gets
85% have it

16. Has camping facilities

Camping can offer a cheaper alternative to hotels or B&B’s, and can provide a fun outdoors experience - although it might not be ideal in winter!
Les Gets
61% have it

17. ski lifts total

The total number of ski lifts available at the resort (all types; tow lifts, surface lifts and air lifts).

18. snowfall december

Average snowfall in the month of December.

19. opening hours

The opening hours is the average number of hours per day that the resort is open for skiing. Long opening hours mean you can go for an early ski, or have a long sleep and go later.

20. snowfall february

Average snowfall in the month of February.

21. months open yearly

A longer ski season offers more flexibility on when to visit.

22. snowfall april

Average snowfall in the month of April.

23. snowfall september

Average snowfall in the month of September.

24. snowfall july

Average snowfall in the month of July.

25. snowfall may

Average snowfall in the month of May.

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