LG Lifeband Touch
LG Lifeband Touch
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LG Lifeband Touch review: 38 facts and highlights

1. battery life

With a longer battery life, you don’t have to worry about charging the device as often.
5 days
Garmin Vivofit 4 (large): 365 days

2. Tracks elevation

It can detect changes in elevation, such as when you are climbing stairs.
LG Lifeband Touch
23% have it

3. Has notifications

If you get a notification such as a call or message, the device will vibrate on your wrist or make a noise to alert you.
LG Lifeband Touch
35% have it

4. Has a display

The device has an electronic display to present information to the user.
LG Lifeband Touch
69% have it

5. Automatically syncs

The device automatically syncs your data when in range of your computer or smartphone.
LG Lifeband Touch
53% have it

6. Is compatible with Android

It is compatible with a range of Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.
LG Lifeband Touch
75% have it

7. has a touch screen

You can operate the device easily, by pressing the screen with your fingers.
LG Lifeband Touch
26% have it

8. has a battery level indicator

An indicator shows you when the device has low battery.
LG Lifeband Touch
28% have it

9. Has a stopwatch

With a stopwatch you can time yourself.
LG Lifeband Touch
36% have it

10. Syncs wirelessly

The device syncs all of your data wirelessly, without the need for cables.
LG Lifeband Touch
74% have it

11. has a rechargeable battery

The battery can be recharged and used over again.
LG Lifeband Touch
69% have it

12. Bluetooth version

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro: 4.2

13. Provides activity reports

Your activity data is analysed to give you reports, available to view through the app or website. This allows you to see how active you have been and to help you make improvements.
LG Lifeband Touch
86% have it

14. Is compatible with iOS

It is compatible with a range of iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch.
LG Lifeband Touch
84% have it

15. Compatible with MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a popular app designed to help you lose weight. With a compatible fitness tracker you can sync data between the two apps.
LG Lifeband Touch
29% have it

16. Tracks steps taken

It tracks how many steps you take throughout the day, allowing you to see how active you have been.
LG Lifeband Touch
92% have it

17. has an accelerometer

An accelerometer is a sensor used to measure the linear acceleration of a device. A common application is detecting when a device changes between vertical and horizontal positions.
LG Lifeband Touch
89% have it

18. Free application

You can download the app for free, from platforms such as Google Play or the App Store.
LG Lifeband Touch(LG Fitness)
47% have it

19. Tracks distance

It tracks how far you travel.
LG Lifeband Touch(LG Fitness)
85% have it

20. Has goal setting

Allows you to set your own goals, such as reaching 15,000 steps in a single day.
LG Lifeband Touch(LG Fitness)
66% have it

21. Compatible with RunKeeper

RunKeeper is a popular app designed to help you track your fitness activities such as jogging. With a compatible fitness tracker you can sync data between the two services.
LG Lifeband Touch
18% have it

22. Measures pace

Measuring pace shows how much time it takes to travel one kilometer or one mile. For example, in running, a 4 minute kilometer would be a very good pace.
LG Lifeband Touch
18% have it

23. Has Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to easily transfer data between different devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers.
LG Lifeband Touch
85% have it

24. smaller app size (iOS app)

A smaller size means that the app will take up less space on your Apple device. This leaves more space for other apps, as well as other data such as photos and music.
17MB(LG Fitness)
Bowflex Boost: 3.4MB

25. Counts how many calories you have burnt

This is useful if you are on a strict training diet or if you are trying to lose weight. It can also help to boost your motivation.
LG Lifeband Touch
95% have it

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