Comparing LG Optimus Black P970 vs Apple iPhone 4 16GB

1. LG Optimus Black P970

18 Reasons why LG Optimus Black P970 is better

Comparing LG Optimus Black P970 vs Apple iPhone 4 16GB

1.Sizably more battery power
1500mAhvs 1418mAh (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
2.Appreciably faster CPU clock speed
1 x 1GHzvs 1 x 0.8GHz (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
3.Explicitly bigger screen size
4"vs 3.5" (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience.
4.Significantly more megapixel (photo, front camera)
2MPvs 0.3MP (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
5.Has an external memory slot
Yesvs No (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
The device has a standard memory slot (such as an SD or micro SD card slot) so that you can either extend the internal storage with affordable memory modules or you can retrieve data, such as photographs, easily from a memory card.
6.Has branded damage resistant glass
Yesvs No (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
Damage resistant glass (such as Corning Gorilla Glass or Asahi Dragontrail Glass) is thin and lightweight, and can withstand high levels of force.
109gvs 137g (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
8.Has a removable battery
Yesvs No (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
The battery is removable and can be replaced by the user if broken.
9.2mmvs 9.3mm (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
10.Can be charged via standard USB cable
Yesvs No (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
It can be charged and operated with a standard USB cable connected to your computer, or with a USB power supply.
11.Has a radio
Yesvs No (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
It works as an FM radio with included headsets
12.Has USB mass storage support
Yesvs No (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
It can transfer files, music, photos via USB, no need to install additional software.
13.Is DLNA certified
Yesvs No (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
All DLNA certified products are compatible with one another. When different devices are connected to the same network, data can be transferred easily between them.
14.Clearly newer Bluetooth version
3vs 2.1 (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
15.Plays Adobe Flash
Yesvs No (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
Adobe Flash with video and sound is supported in the device's browser.
16.Android 2.2.3 Froyo (API level 8)
Yesvs No (Apple iPhone 4 16GB)
18.Camera Flash
It has a LED flash
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2. Apple iPhone 4 16GB

30 Reasons why Apple iPhone 4 16GB is better

Comparing Apple iPhone 4 16GB vs LG Optimus Black P970

1.Lots higher pixel density
326ppivs 233ppi (LG Optimus Black P970)
2.Clearly higher resolution
640 x 960pxvs 480 x 800px (LG Optimus Black P970)
3.Appreciably more internal storage
16GBvs 2GB (LG Optimus Black P970)
4.Direct updates by OS vendor
Yesvs No (LG Optimus Black P970)
It can be updated directly by the OS vendor, so no need to wait until the manufacturer or network provider releases an update.
5.Has an IPS screen
Yesvs No (LG Optimus Black P970)
IPS (In-Plane Switching) is a technology used for LCDs. It was designed to overcome the main limitations of normal TFTs TN-matrices: relatively slow response times, small viewing angles and low quality color reproduction.
58.6mmvs 64mm (LG Optimus Black P970)
115.2mmvs 121mm (LG Optimus Black P970)
8.Has a BSI sensor
Yesvs No (LG Optimus Black P970)
A BSI (backside illuminated) sensor is a camera image sensor which captures better quality images in poor lighting conditions, and offers better overall sharpness and image quality.
9.Has a CMOS sensor
Yesvs No (LG Optimus Black P970)
CMOS image sensors are slowly replacing CCD sensors, due to reduced power consumption and better image quality. They can be very compact and cost relatively little to produce.
10.Less body volume
60.6cm³vs 71.8cm³ (LG Optimus Black P970)
11.Notably lower SAR for head (EU)
0.93W/kgvs 1.27W/kg (LG Optimus Black P970)
SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) describes how much radio frequency energy emitted by the device will be absorbed by your body. The rate is measured at head level. The legal limit is 2.0 W/kg in the EU.
12.Can create panoramas in-camera
Yesvs No (LG Optimus Black P970)
It allows you to take multiple photos capturing different parts of the scene, and then joins them together into a single photo.
13.Easier one handed use
it is a lot smaller so it is easier to use with one hand
IOS 7.0
Yesvs No (LG Optimus Black P970)
15.It can be used when the screen is=f the screen brakes
i think it exsplanes its self
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