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Miele S6290
Miele S6290
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Miele S6290 review: 14 facts and highlights

1. has HEPA filter

High-Efficiency Particulate Air is a standard of air filter. By this standard an air filter must remove 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 micrometre from the air that passes through.
Miele S6290
83% have it

2. uses bags

The device uses disposable bags - you don't have to get yourself dirty emptying and cleaning it.
Miele S6290
49% have it

3. cleaning range

The device is designed in a way that it gives you a larger operating radius.
Hoover UTP1610: 17m

4. dustbin capacity

The device can work longer without needing to be emptied.
Tornado TV2: 10l

5. thickness

AEG Ergorapido: 110mm

6. height

Panasonic MC-CG301: 233mm

7. warranty period

When covered under the manufacturer’s warranty it is possible to get a replacement in the case of a malfunction.
Miele S 8990 UniQ: 10

8. Has a cylinder form

Devices with this form are lighter and take up less space. They are ideal for cleaning stairs, hard floors, upholstery and for cleaning in between furniture. They are generally more affordable.
Miele S6290
44% have it

9. width

Shark Lift-Around NP320: 210mm

10. Has electronic suction power controls

This system supports two-way communication between a microcontroller in the handle and a suction motor and various sensors in the canister. You can easily adjust the suction power for different floorings.
Miele S6290
18% have it

11. Has auto cord rewind

The cord automatically winds up, reducing hassle with storage.
Miele S6290
46% have it

12. weight

Dyson DC59 Animal: 2.3kg

13. Has a protected bumper

The powerheads bumper is protected so you don't knock the paint on baseboards or damage furniture when you bump into them.
Miele S6290
22% have it

14. Indicates when full

The device alerts you when the vacuum cleaner is full.
Miele S6290
29% have it

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