Miele W 5877 WPS

Miele W 5877 WPS

Miele W 5877 WPS review: specs and price

Miele W 5877 WPS
Miele W 5877 WPS

Why is Miele W 5877 WPS better than the average?

  • Number of cycle programs

  • Maximum spin speed

  • Laundry capacity

  • Noise level spin

  • Height

  • Noise level wash

  • Maximum delay start

  • Width


Price comparison

General info

1.has top energy efficiency rating
Miele W 5877 WPS
The appliance is either Energy Star Certified, or has an EU energy efficiency rating of A++ or A+++. This means it consumes around 20-30% less energy than is required by the minimum local standards for energy efficiency.
2.annual power consumption


The more power per year a device consumes, the less energy efficient it is, making it more costly over time.


The height represents the vertical dimension of the product. We consider a smaller height better because it assures easy maneuverability.


We consider a thinner chassis better because it makes the product more compact and portable. Thinness is a feature highlighted by many manufacturers of mobile devices, but it is essential for a wide range of products.
5.water consumption annual


Machines which use less water are good for the environment and can save you money in utility bills.


The width represents the horizontal dimension of the product. We consider a smaller width better because it assures easy maneuverability.


1.front loading machine
Miele W 5877 WPS
Front loading machines are good as you can use the space above and sometimes stack a dryer on top. In general front loading machines use less energy, using less water by only partly filling the drum and obtaining higher spin speeds which clean without requiring as much heat.
2.Has a transparent door
Miele W 5877 WPS
With a transparent door you can look inside the machine and see what laundry is inside.
3.Is stackable
Miele W 5877 WPS
Stackable machines are ideal if you have limited space as you could stack a tumble dryer on top of a washing machine.
4.has a dot matrix display
Miele W 5877 WPS
Dot matrix displays can show important text or graphics using a matrix of lights or mechanical indicators like the display on a calculator.
5.Has a honeycomb drum
Miele W 5877 WPS
The slightly sculptured surface structure of the honeycomb drum creates a thin film of water or air which gently cushions and protects your laundry.
6.has an interior light
Miele W 5877 WPS
An interior light helps you to see inside the machine.


1.number of cycle programs


With a wider range of programs to choose from you can be more specific and choose the best, most economic program for your needs.
2.maximum spin speed


A faster spin speed means you can get things cleaner with a lower temperature of the water. Using a fast spin also extracts water, meaning that the clothes come out nearly dry. Generally, anything over 1,000 rpm is very good.
3.laundry capacity


More weight capacity helps if you want to wash something heavy like curtains. A traditional household machine can hold around 6kg, so with a machine much bigger you may waste energy using it when only half full.
4.noise level spin


During a spin, machines can get quite noisy. With less noise the machine is not as distracting and you won't be restricted to using it at certain times.
5.has delay start option
Miele W 5877 WPS
With a delay start option you can schedule the machine to begin at a later time. You can also set the machine to wash at night if your electricity is cheaper outside of peak times.
6.noise level wash


With a lower noise level for washing you can worry less about disruption and may be able to do a wash at night or while reading.


1.has self cleaning detergent drawer
Miele W 5877 WPS
The detergent drawer is washed automatically to prevent a build up of old detergent.
2.has a child lock
Miele W 5877 WPS
A child lock enables adults to prevent or restrict children’s use of the device.

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