Comparing Motorola Moto G vs HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim

1. Motorola Moto G

28 Reasons why Motorola Moto G is better

Comparing Motorola Moto G vs HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim

1.Significantly more battery power
2070mAhvs 1860mAh (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
2.Considerably higher pixel density
329ppivs 245ppi (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
3.Vastly higher resolution
720 x 1,280pxvs 540 x 960px (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
4.Has branded damage resistant glass
Yesvs No (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
Damage resistant glass (such as Corning Gorilla Glass or Asahi Dragontrail Glass) is thin and lightweight, and can withstand high levels of force.
5.Notably more internal storage
16GBvs 8GB (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
6.Has a radio
Yesvs No (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
It works as an FM radio with included headsets
7.Vastly faster downloads
21MBits/svs 7.2MBits/s (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
8.Has an IPS screen
Yesvs No (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
IPS (In-Plane Switching) is a technology used for LCDs. It was designed to overcome the main limitations of normal TFTs TN-matrices: relatively slow response times, small viewing angles and low quality color reproduction.
65.9mmvs 67mm (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
129.9mmvs 134.8mm (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
11.Has continuous autofocus when recording movies
Yesvs No (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
When recording movies they stay focussed and sharp.
12.Explicitly smaller semiconductor size
28nmvs 45nm (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
A smaller size indicates that the process to create the chip is newer.
13.Has manual exposure
Yesvs No (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
This allows to manually set the exposure.
14.Has a built-in HDR mode
Yesvs No (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
It can automatically shoot pictures with a higher dynamic range (HDR).
15.Has manual white balance
Yesvs No (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
With manual white balance you can choose the most accurate setting and avoid the green, blue or red hue which can occur in auto mode. You can also change the setting for artistic effect.
16.Has touch autofocus
Yesvs No (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
The autofocus is immediately set to the subject by just touching it on the touch screen.
17.Led de notificaciones
tiene led de notificaciones, bastabte util, pero limitado al color blanco
18.Battery lasts three days!
One day at 98% battery I turned on the battery saver for the Moto G, and for the next three days (I gamed on it for about 1 hour a day and about 30 minutes of call per day) but of course I turned it off before going to bed and turned it on in mornin
19.Cheap but effecient
it goes off on a very reasonable price but has incredible specs
20.User removable back
if the back gets dirty or cracked its very easy to remove and replace
21.Bit faster
first gen moto g is faster than second gen
Android 4.4 KitKat (API level 19)
Yesvs No (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8226 (1.2GHz)
Yesvs No (HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim)
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2. HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim

13 Reasons why HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim is better

Comparing HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim vs Motorola Moto G

1.Appreciably more megapixels (photo)
8MPvs 5MP (Motorola Moto G)
2.Appreciably more megapixels (photo, front camera)
1.6MPvs 1.3MP (Motorola Moto G)
130gvs 143g (Motorola Moto G)
4.Has a removable battery
Yesvs No (Motorola Moto G)
The battery is removable and can be replaced by the user if broken.
9.26mmvs 11.6mm (Motorola Moto G)
6.Has stereo speakers
Yesvs No (Motorola Moto G)
Devices with stereo speakers deliver sound that surrounds the user from left and right side, creating a richer sound and a better experience.
7.Is DLNA certified
Yesvs No (Motorola Moto G)
All DLNA certified products are compatible with one another. When different devices are connected to the same network, data can be transferred easily between them.
8.Has a dedicated camera button
Yesvs No (Motorola Moto G)
A dedicated camera button allows you to take snapshots more easily.
9.Has NFC
Yesvs No (Motorola Moto G)
NFC (near field communication) allows a device to perform simple wireless transactions.
10.Has a BSI sensor
Yesvs No (Motorola Moto G)
A BSI (backside illuminated) sensor is a camera image sensor which captures better quality images in poor lighting conditions, and offers better overall sharpness and image quality.
11.Supports two SIM cards
Yesvs No (Motorola Moto G)
A dual SIM mobile phone can work with two SIM cards at the same time.
12.Less body volume
83.63cm³vs 99.3cm³ (Motorola Moto G)
13.Htc one mini
HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim
HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim specs
HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim features
HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim pros and cons
HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim advantages
HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim disadvantages