Naver Calendar

Naver Calendar

Naver Calendar review: 33 facts and highlights

Naver Calendar
Naver Calendar

Why is Naver Calendar better than the average?

  • smaller app size (iOS app)

Key features and highlights

General info

1.Is compatible with Android
Naver Calendar

It is compatible with a range of Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.

2.Free application
Naver Calendar

You can download the app for free, from platforms such as Google Play or the App Store.

3. smaller application size (Android app)


The application requires less storage space on your device. A smaller size means there is more space on your device for other applications, as well as other data such as photos and music.


DigiCal Plus Calendar & Widgets


Naver Calendar

Adverts can be distracting and obtrusive. Apps and blogs without ads are more aesthetically pleasing, nicer to use, and make the content stand out.

5.Can be personalised
Naver Calendar

You can personalize the appearance of the app - for example, choosing a different theme or colors.

Naver Calendar

There is a tablet-optimised version of the app available. This gives a much better user experience than using an app designed for a phone on a tablet.


1.Syncs with existing calendars
Naver Calendar

You can sync your data to standard calendar applications, such as Apple’s Calendar or Google Calendar.

2.Has a monthly planner
Naver Calendar

The app helps you to schedule your tasks month by month. A monthly planner shows all the information at a glance - in a large, easy-to-read display.

3.Has task status
Naver Calendar

The app allows you to mark the status of your tasks, such as "active", "postponed", “complete”, etc.

4.Has a weekly planner
Naver Calendar

The app provides a clear and detailed overview based on weeks. It helps you to schedule your appointments for the upcoming weeks, and therefore to plan your agenda better.

5.Has notes
Naver Calendar

The app allows you to attach long notes to your tasks, a useful feature when you need to write down a lot of information about a task.

6.Includes an overview of all your calendars
Naver Calendar

Enables you to view all your current calendars at a glance, allowing you to better organise your tasks and deadlines.


1.Has color-coded view
Naver Calendar

You can schedule your tasks using colors. For example, blue for household tasks, red for work-related duties or yellow for sports. This allows you to integrate all your chores on the same app and see at a glance what type of activity they are.

2.Has configurable widgets
Naver Calendar

You can configure your widgets in different sizes for month, week or day view. This will allow you to choose the type of view that interests you the most in any moment, providing extra flexibility.

3.Allows you to smooth scroll and zoom
Naver Calendar

With this feature you can interact with the application easily and quickly by zooming or scrolling smoothly for particular uses, such as select a multi-day view. This results in a better, more intuitive interaction.

4.Supports widgets
Naver Calendar

You can add widgets to the home screen. This allows you to have more flexibility and to see information at a glance, without going into the app.

5.Can archive your old data
Naver Calendar

When you archive old data, it will go into a special folder in case you ever need it. This means it is out of the way, but not deleted forever.

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6.The app is business oriented
Naver Calendar

This means that it has been designed especially for professional use. It offers a more serious design, often with tailored features and increased security.


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