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10 Annoying Types Of People On Instagram

You'll probably recognise a few of these...

Molly Holt
10 Annoying Types Of People On Instagram

The party girl. A constant supply of photos showing you just how much fun shes having with all her drinking and dancing and clubbing. Usually includes a tongue out of mouth, miley-style.

The chef. Or atleast they like to think so. Is a picture of every meal really necessary?

The gym addict. Because working out only counts if you post a picture of your toned body in your tight workout gear.

The selfie girl. Same pouty pose, different filter.

The loved-up couple. We already see enough reminders of how single we are on the train to work, at family events and every saturday night, and frankly, that's quite enough.

The hashtagger. #insta #vscocam #photography #girl #boy #human #STOP IT #PLEASEThe inspirational quoter. A daily philosophical quote about something really quite trivial, this person has the ability to make almost anything sound silly. Even Ghandi.

The parent. Constant pictures and videos of their children who frankly, look exactly the same as all the other babies on our newsfeed. Also applicable to animal lovers, whose cat we've seen more photos of than our own parents.

The bragger. While we're consisting on a diet of instant noodles and own-brand bread, this person seems to be spending her life buying new cars or receiving a new Michael Kors each week from "the best boyfriend ever".

The photographer. Otherwise known as hipster. Picture of a bench? Yep, that will look good with a filter. Picture of a random building? Yes, put that one on Insta, too.


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