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10 Best And Worst Food iPhone Cases

Because who really thought this was a good idea?

Nicole Billitz
10 Best And Worst Food iPhone Cases

As much as I love technology and seeing how it will propel us into the future, I also love the technology that reminds us just how human we are. Which is why this list is dedicated to remembering all the insanely idiotic and laughable ideas regarding food on iPhone cases. Because no. 

1. Lobster Case. 

Because that thing is actually massive. 

2. Fish Case.

Because this was so bad, it is only available on the iPhone 4. 

3. Bread Case.

Because who puts mayonnaise on plain bread?

4. Chicken Case

Because this is actually hilarious, look at her face of pure joy. 

5. Breakfast Case

Because that's actually pretty life-like. 

6. Ice cream sandwich Case

Because we all love these. 

7. Peeps Case

Because spring is almost here.

8. Pizza Case 

Because pizza. 

9. Coffee Case

Because you are actually an asshole. 

10. Bacon Case

Because bacon.

Bonus: In and Out Burger Case 

Because everyone loves In and Out Burger. 

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