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10 Best Tweets About Germany's World Cup Win

What everyone had to say about the Germany victory

Molly Holt
10 Best Tweets About Germany's World Cup Win© 2019 Daniel Ullrich - Flickr

More than 32 million tweets were sent last night, and we trawled through the masses of "Deutschland" and "#worldcup" to bring you a round up of the match via Twitter. I know, we're good like that.

1) Just minutes after their triumph, when everybody else was running around the pitch screaming and waving the golden cup in the air, Podolski decided to take this selfie. 

Such bromance.

2) The scarily similar resemblance between German coach Joachim Löw and The OC's Sandy Cohen.


3) More reasons to eat Nutella: It could make you the best goalie in the world. Not that anything held us back before.

4) One word: Hhaahahahahahahah.

5) A sad realisation about the World Cup that sounds all too familiar.

6) Erm, no comment.

7) He's probably been planning this tweet for at least 3 weeks.

8) A man of many talents. He can do no wrong.

9) Even his slightly controversial tactics have the girls running. Including us. Get in the queue, Becky.

10) Someone get in touch with this boy's dad and find out who he's betting on next. We want in.

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