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10 Most Insane Kickstarter Campaigns

and surprisingly, they have all also garnered massive support

Molly Holt
10 Most Insane Kickstarter Campaigns

If you don’t know what Kickstarter is, then you aren’t doing the internet properly. Notoriously funding “creative” projects from anyone all over the world, the site has been both a starting platform for success stories like Pebble, as well as an exhibition of insane technology. Its recent adoption of a much more laissez-faire approach by loosening its project rules now allows anything that isn’t illegal, regulated or dangerous, and has thus seen an influx of outrageous new experiments. So we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 most absurd Kickstarter campaigns that actually somehow also managed to get funded.

10. A massive inflatable version of Lionel Richie’s head

Unveiled at Bestival last year, the project almost doubled its goal not just by its absolutely ludicrous idea, but also by offering some pretty spectacular packages, such as an overnight stay in the inflatable head! Imagine writing that on your twitter bio - being one of the first ever people to spend a night sleeping inside a 3 metre high inflatable Lionel Richie. The followers would come flooding in.

2. Writing stupid things in the sky

Forget writing your marriage proposals in the sky, this guy wants to use the clouds “to make the world a better place” through the gift of unexpected absurdity. And he certainly achieved it - reaching his target and providing a fleeting moment of amusement to the inhabitants of LA - and the internet, of course.

3. A 50-foot robotic snake

Personally, we’ve never looked at the world and thought ‘ah, do you know what this thing’s missing, yep, a giant robotic serpent’, but it seems like someone has, and that a worrying amount of people agree. Based on a massive serpent from 60 million years ago, the project made $10,500 to build their metal predator, as well as a video that will be giving me nightmares for the next 10 years.

4. A cat calendar

Because it wouldn’t be the internet without cats, would it? In order to dress their cat up as a variety of magical creatures for each month of the year the project needed $3,500, but (after someone probably posted it on Tumblr), they exceeded their target sevenfold, pledging over $25,000.

5. Meat Soap

Yep, its exactly as it sounds. Soap that is made from meat. Of course, it also wouldn’t be the internet without bacon, so someone has decided to cash in on the bacon fascination and create a line of soaps whose main ingredient is animal byproducts. Different animal fats are fried and added to the other soap components, to keep the beautiful aroma of freshly cooked bacon lingering long after breakfast is finished.

6. Beard face masks

Who knew there would be such a high demand for a knitted beard to keep your face warm? Originally hand-knitted, the designers couldn’t keep up with the needs of the public, who all seemed to want a beard mask as their essential winter accessory.

7. A floating pool in the middle of a New York river

Forget trekking down to the local indoor leisure centre on a sunny day, in two years time you could be lounging in a totally sanitary pool in the middle of the East River. Nearly $275,000 has already been pledged towards the project, with 70,000 personalised tiles also up for sale on the site. It’s not quite Bora Bora, but its as close as New York’s coastline is going to get.

8. Pirate pancakes

Make your cooking masculine with this skull and crossbones mould. Originally intended for pancakes, the cast-iron design will mean your manly pancakes look threatening but are actually super fluffy on the inside. And the design is perfect for giving your pirates blueberry eyeballs, and maybe some drops of syrup could be the buried treasure. Don’t worry, the skull and crossbones stops it from looking feminine.

9. A smartphone robot

Everyone loves robots, right? But for most of us, they’re still a little bit on the pricey side. Romo the robot uses your own smartphone as its brain and nervous system, which moves round your living room like a mars rover to bring you a beer. Beer and robot’s.. yep, we can see why this idea has gone four times over is target.

10. Potato Salad

No, it isn't like a Raspberry Pi or Android Kitkat. In fact, its something that no amount of technology can compete with. Its got no robotic abilities like Romo, or self-cleaning capabilities like the floating pool, its just.. a potato salad. Its conservative $10 goal has now reached almost $37,000, with Zack Brown (the man behind the potato) stating that everyone becomes united by “something equal parts absurd and mundane”. Although Brown also concerningly states that “it might not be that good. It’s my first potato salad”, his supporters seem unfazed, with pledges continuing to flood in for possibly the most ridiculous Kickstarter campaign to date.


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