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10 of the Best (And Worst) Tech Tattoos

The good, the bad and the ugly

Anne Parsons
10 of the Best (And Worst) Tech Tattoos© 2019 kokotron bcm Flickr

One thing tattoos are good at is dividing opinion. In this case, however I think you'll agree that these techy tattoos are all unequivocally, universally pretty darn cringe-worthy. I mean, I'm all for being passionate about things - but the iTunes logo? Come on. Here's my favourite best worst tech tattoos from the good, to the bad to the plain ugly. 

The Good

I think this Link from Zelda is pretty darn good.


I also like this 1-Up green mushroom.

These little 8-bit battle is pretty okay. Cringe, but okay.


The Bad 

Not too into the his'n'hers matching Apple logos.

Now this is just really pointless. Especially the iTunes logo. Naff.

This glow-in-the dark tattoo is pretty weird. At least you have to go to bed at night.

Nerd alert. 

The Plain Ugly

This slide-to-unlock heart is laugh out loud funny.

Just. Why.

Hideous. And Stupid.

 And my all time favourite. 



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