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10 Of The Weirdest People On Tinder

Sometimes the internet gets a little bit strange. This is one of those times.

Molly Holt
10 Of The Weirdest People On Tinder

Ok, so it's pretty clear that the Tinder creators aren't quite marriage material, but what about some of the app's users? We compiled a list of people that you would definitely give a second glance.

1) "How did we meet? Well it all started when I swiped right on her tinder profile, that photo of her crouching on a railway line with chopsticks in her mouth, that's when I knew she was The One" - said no-one ever.

2) A nice looking man, but with a very interesting fashion sense. Could cause some issues when you bring him out in public. You might get some weird looks, and he may knock over a few things in the supermarket. 

 3) Is this an attempt to appear macho and fearless? Because its not working, you just look a teeny little bit like a weirdo. Ok, a lot like a weirdo. Maybe just stick to a t-shirt next time mate.

4) Not the type of girl you'd bring home to your parents. Unless you want to see your mum cry. Or your dad's wallet to get stolen.

5) We can't decide which is better. Picture or bio, picture or bio. Either way, we're laughing. And want to borrow the taco costume.

6) Erm Jesus, what are you doing on Tinder? And is that a bra?

7) We're not sure what's worse: the fact that he's on Tinder, or that this is his profile picture? A definite left swipe from us. Sorry, Sanchez.

8) Girls - gotta catch 'em all. But dressed like that you probably won't.

9) The man, the myth, the legend. Yep, it seems that Shakespeare is looking for a new maiden. We don't think matching on Tinder is quite how Romeo and Juliet's love story started, but c'mon, this is the modern day. Nobody has time for sonnets or climbing up balconies anymore.

10) Is it legal to swipe right to this one? So. Cute.



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