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11 Apps For Your Apple Watch

Made specifically in wearable format

Nicole Billitz
11 Apps For Your Apple Watch

On Thursday, Apple updated its App Store with more than 3,000 different watch app previews, which will become available to the first Apple Watch owners today.

Obviously, some of the apps you will want will be the apps you already use on your iPhone. Developers had to create the same app into a wearable format, but some companies added a special feature or two, while some focused specifically on notifications, and still some attempted to integrate an entirely new product for the wristwear.

Regardless of what you want from your smartwatch (health and fitness, scheduling, messaging, or ordering dinner) we have created a list of the top 18 apps you should download for the Apple Watch. However, stay tuned. I’m positive that soon enough, plenty of new apps will make their way to wearable format.

1. Evernote

The wrist version will let you dictate a note, or use the search function. Using a simple swipe, you can start reading your wrist and finish on your iPhone.

2. FitStar Yoga

Not only can you view poses as you replicate them, this app helps you time your poses and informs you which pose to train next.

3. Flipboard

Designating 10 stories that are customized from the topics you follow, it updates the list throughout your day. Providing small sentences instead of full articles, this allows you to get general information quickly, and if it piques your interest, simply swipe to read the full article on your phone.

4. Strava

This fitness app lets you monitor your bike riding or running and gives you live stats as you work out. Find out how far you’ve gone, your time, and update your weekly goals.

5. Trivia Crack

A fun trivia game, you can play it on your wrist and also monitor your scores.

6. Shazam

Hear a song playing and you want to know who is singing? This app will also provide you with the lyrics.

7. Pandora

For music on the go, or for your workout. Control and adjust entirely from your wrist. Choose the station, skip the track, and receive notifications about new music.

8. Powerpoint

Okay, so you can’t make any modifications or even view your presentation on your wrist (duh, how would your whole presentation fit on that screen?) you can use this app as a remote for your next powerpoint presentation.

9. Mint

This budget app will detail the breakdown of your spending, and let you know how much you have left every day.

10. Epicurious

Trying to get the hang of that whole cooking thing? Instead of full recipes, this app lets you know how long you should be cooking your meat or vegetable, and set the appropriate timer. It will also tell you to flip your food, and show you an image of how the final product should look.

11. Do Note

Did you remember something last minute, and enter into your watch, but forgot to enter it in your work email or iPhone as well? Do Note lets you share and save each function (like a calendar event or notes) to three different devices in one, simple tap.


Don’t worry, your regular favorites are also available, like Instagram, Twitter, ESPN, Amazon, etc.


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