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11 Best Portable, Bluetooth Speakers

From $499 to $59, these are some of the best and cheapest

Nicole Billitz
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11 Best Portable, Bluetooth Speakers

1. Beoplay Beolit 15

Truly beautifully designed, this speaker offers 24 hours of continuous playback on a single charge, as long as you aren’t blasting it as loud as it will go. It can remember 8 users and have 2 devices connected at once, so all your friends can be the DJ! It costs $499.

2. Harman Infinity One

Developed in collaboration with Linkin Park, it can easily fill a room with sound. It has speakerphone and NFC capabilities and has a long-lasting battery. It’s going price is $300.

3. Ultimate Ears Boom

If you like bright colors, this is your speaker. It has a companion app for Android and iOS which lets you customize your own equalizer and link up to another Boom for surround sound. $199 is what it’s worth.

4. Denon Envaya

It packs serious noise, NFC pairing and 10 hours of battery life and sits comfortably upon your desk for $199.

5. Harman/Kardon Esquire Mini

Not only is it small and adorable, but it has excellent performance. About as thick as two smartphones, this little guy could fit in your pocket. It has great battery life, as well. It costs $150.

6. TDK TREK Flex

Not only does it look badass, it can lay vertically or horizontally and still give great bass. It’s dust and water resistant, and it’s ideal for camping trips (no, seriously). $129 for all your musical outdoor adventures.

7. Creative Sound Blaster Roar SR20

Only $129, this speaker has a design that would easily compliment a bookshelf or table due to its design (which looks like a hardcover book). It has an “aux in” port, which allows it to be amplified beyond your computer sound and has an internal microphone that can record audio to a microSD card. This is an adorable novelty (get it - novel?)

8. Bose SoundLink Color

Bose pretty much has this music thing in the bag, so trust me when I say this small speaker brings a full variety of sound, along with 5 color options. It features 8 hours of continuous beats before the battery dies, all for $129.

9. UE Mini Boom

I think you’re catching on that I like color with my speakers… this tiny speaker offers all that, plus an impressive amount of sound. Durable and colorful, this little guy will only set you back $99.

10. Koss BTSi

You need something even cheaper than the UE Mini Boom? No problem. Fierce but little, it can pack a lot of sound (but not as much bass at the Mini Boom) for only $59.

11. Boombotix Boombot REX

Weatherproof, this durable, water resistant speaker has a built-in microphone and 10 hours of battery life, all for $59.


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