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11 Weirdest, Wackiest Tech From IFA 2015

Nicole Billitz
11 Weirdest, Wackiest Tech From IFA 2015© 2018 Asus

So IFA 2015 was a massive success. It’s Europe’s biggest tradeshow every year, and it took place in Berlin from September 4 to 9. Some of the most talked about tech debuted here, from Sony’s Xperia Z5 to Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch. Tons of this tech was incredibly innovative and relevant.

And some of it was just incredibly weird, wacky and wonderful. Here’s the best of that from this year’s IFA:

1. BB-8 Robot

This adorable Star Wars drone was created to market the newest upcoming movie, and he’s made a splash. He’s a toy you can control with an app, but also, he’s actually a robot.

2. Lenovo’s ‘Smart Cast’ Projector Phone Concept

Debuted at IFA, it’s not ready for the world just yet, but the keyboard casts the projector at the top of the phone, pretty nifty.

3. Furo-D Smart Ad robot

It’s not made for the home, but you’ll see this marketing robot in public in the near future.

4. Benebot

He will also give you the customer case that you need. Made by the people who created Raybot, Benebot will be your newest shopping assistant.

5. Digitsole

Incredibly weird, but also very practical, for those that work in their boots all winter, this product lets you alter the temperature on your heated insoles.

6. Asus GX700

The world’s first water-cooled laptop. It cooks up to a water-cooling apparatus and keeps the computer cool as a cucumber.

7. MixStik

For those of you that can’t mix a drink to save your life, MixStik will connect to your smartphone and tell you what ingredients you should pour - green for lime juice and white for vodka.

8. Flamingoes Selling Selfie Sticks

Well, it was there. I saw it.

9. Asus Pod

Soooo cool. Looks like a spaceship or a sentient robot alien. But it’s just a custom gaming PC.

10. Giant Pin Art

Yeah, movable art, and no one drew genitals. Good job, guys.

11. Mini Robots

Is this new? Not really. But I watched it for like an hour anyways.


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