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13 Coolest Inventions Of 2015

You'll Want To Own One Of These, We Promise!

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Imagine if Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, and all those other great innovators live in the age of Kickstarter, Indiegogo and the likes, we probably would have financed a lot of their new inventions. It's a great time to be alive and be an inventor at this day and age as start-ups and tech geniuses are able to feature their works and have the world see it before they mass produce.

Before the year ends, how about we take a look at what our techie friends have in store for us in the coming years (if it becomes properly financed, of course). So, here we are presenting some of the coolest inventions for 2015:

Shift Wear

This one put wearable technology to a whole new level and the sneakerheads are definitely gonna be happy! These shoes will let you wear the design that can compliment your outfit all the time! Customize the print from your smartphone and let the world see your creativity shine. The design is always on and has HD Color E-Paper Flexible Display. The battery can last up to 30 days with walk-to-charge technology. The shoes are waterproof up to 5 meters, machine washable, and is made of durable Kevlar Fiber Coated Soles. You can already pre-order and buy a pair that can wear with a limitless design! 

Phree pen

Are you ready to make the world your paper? Well, you better be because the Kickstarter campaign of Phree is a success and it will definitely make you love your smart gadget. Basically, it lets you write or draw on any surface whether it's on your car's dashboard, your table, your pillow, or even your refrigerator's door then display it on your devices. It's also compatible with apps and software making it easy for you to be productive or to reply to your friends and loved ones. It works with Office, OneNote, EverNote, Acrobat, Google Handwriting Keyboard, Viber and more. It also functions as a headset so you can take calls with it, it's the smartest pen around!


Who needs keys when you have Sesame? It basically turns your phone to a key that can control your door's lock anywhere and anytime! You can share the access with your friends and family, get to keep records on when the door opens and closes and feel safer as you can remotely lock your doors from anywhere in the world as long as you have Wi-Fi access. It fits all single cylinder deadbolts with its five-patented self-adjusting mechanism. It runs on a lithium battery that can last for 500 days and can be operated via voice control. And don't worry, you can still use your key if you don't want to always rely on your smartphone. 

Connected Cycle

More and more people are opting for a healthier and traffic-free means of transportation, and that is through cycling around the city. But wary of having your bike stolen if you parked it somewhere? No worries with Connected Cycle Pedals. It has an accompanying app that alerts you in real time if anyone touches your bike or tries to break off its lock. Bike theft will be a thing of the past with this smart invention. It also lets you know your bike riding activities including the paths you took each day. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android and promises to not drain your phone's battery as it uses a cellular chip system which means there's no need to connect via Bluetooth or WiFi. 

Rain Lamp

If you're one of those people who loves rainy days and it gives you the excuse to just lounge around with a cup of cocoa or coffee then this invention is for you. It's a Rain lamp which uses water that gives off a shimmering, ripple effect to your room. It's available in white and brass finishes and in 12" or 16" diameter. It uses LED bulb technology that is combined with a safe, compact, and durable design. It's certainly mesmerizing! Order one here.


Having pets is one of the greatest yet rewarding responsibilities ever! Dog and cat lovers surely treat their pets as if they're their children and what's a better way to show that love but through protecting them? That's where Buddy comes in. It has LED lighting technology that will keep your pet visible from a possible collision with cars, cyclist, people, and other hazards. It has an OLED display, light sensor, waterproof feature, GPS tracking, 14-day battery life, health statistics, and many more. Whew! That's a lot of features for pet collar and it will definitely make you one responsible pet owner without putting much effort!

Solar Paper

If you love the great outdoors but hates being disconnected to the modern world through your phone then this great invention is definitely for you. Charge your tablet, smartphones, and other gadgets with this 4 paneled Solar Paper which generates power through a USB cable. It is the world's thinnest and lightest solar charger which gives you the freedom to go anywhere. The company offers 5, 7.5, and 10-watt chargers with panels ranging from 2, 3, and 4. Now, you can stay connected even when you're out having fun in the wilderness. 


Slouching is unbecoming and everyone knows that by now. Besides the bad look, it's also unhealthy for our body to not be in its proper posture. But how do you manage to combat that wrong habit? With the use of a wearable of course! Upright was designed to help you train yourself to sit and stand correctly. It has a hypoallergenic adhesive that attaches to your back which vibrates once you start slouching. Just wear it for 15 minutes to an hour and you'll slowly be trained to have the upright posture throughout the day. It comes with an app that gives you a personalized training program, monitors your daily goal achievement, and gives you posture statistics and analytics. Enjoy the benefits of lesser back pains, better body language, and a greater psychological effect. It's already available in Amazon!


Just like the Solar Paper, Lumen is another green-powered device. Because there is already so much energy being wasted today, why not use the power that is inside you? And we mean this literally. Lumen is a flashlight with Tritium mark that makes it powered by your own warm touch. It has brightness comparable to your smartphone but doesn't need any batteries as it only uses human heat to function. 


This is one of those inventions that are not really revolutionary but definitely appreciated! Finally, get to conveniently charge your phone or other devices at the comfort of your bed or couch with a convenient dual USB port provided by Couchlet. It has folding arms that wedge under your mattress or between cushions. It might spell laziness for some, but we call it genius! 


Ever been woken up because of your partner's heavy snoring? Well, here's a solution: Nora. It's a small smart device which you insert under a pillow before going to bed that will gently move in order to stop as soon as snoring begins. It doesn't interrupt sleep but definitely stops the snoring much to everyone's relief!


Surveillance usually spells serious business but it doesn't have to be that way especially with Ulo. It's a cute camera which also doubles up as a pet owl which can interact with you with eye expressions. You can customize the eye color, shape, and size through a web page and mobile app. The eye expression is possible through LCD screens that were supposed to be used for smartwatches. It squints, looks tired, blinks, and even follows you. It definitely puts a fun twist to a surveillance camera that you are used to. It's waterproof and even has night vision, a trusted owl alright! 

The Memory Clock

Imagine a Timehop or a Facebook Moments clock right at your living room, that's what Memory Clock is. Aside from telling you the time, it also displays photos which you took at the same time last year or some other years ago. It keeps time and keeps the memory, how nice is that? It can be connected to smartphones and computers while making it possible for everyone in the family to add their photos. It can be hung and placed on the shelf. It's definitely an interesting addition to your household. 

With these things already invented, what other wild and crazy things are you looking forward to seeing in the future? A levitating phone? A self-sustaining abode? Who knows right? All the wild and crazy inventions are just waiting to be made after all.

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