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14 Reasons To Hate, Absolutely Loathe Apple

It's easy to love Apple, but there are more reasons to hate it

Nicole Billitz
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14 Reasons To Hate, Absolutely Loathe Apple © 2022 Apple

14. It’s expensive

Obviously, the specs aren’t nearly as good as other companies, and yet the products still cost way more than the standard amount. Not cool, bro.

13. No Sales

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there shall never be an Apple product on sale. With its massive monopoly, Apple is a big enough player to manage something like this and get away with it. That’s right, its loyal customer base seemingly has no problems with this. So when Samsung slashes prices by 50%-70% during the holiday season, Apple just sits back and gives a good chuckle.

12. US-centric.

Not only is Siri not great at understanding accents, but she also won’t remember places you love in India or Australia.

11. Good Luck Getting Divorced

Sure, it’s easy to switch from Android to Apple, but if you want the reverse, forget about it. Not only do you lose on your music and other digital content that you (probably) spent a small fortune on, it’s basically like you leave with nothing. Apple gets the kids and the house.

10. Because Apple Can Be A Real Asshole

Let’s take the case of Adobe. After Adobe refused to create software for the early Macs that were struggling with reduced market share, Steve Jobs was so angry that he decided to exact revenge. Apple’s refusal to support Adobe has had enough influence in the world (and market share) to force a lot of websites to abandon Flash entirely.

9. Exploitation And Sweatshops

Sure, plenty of other companies (including Apple competitors like Samsung also use Foxconn) exploit foreign slave labor, but Apple is one of the wealthiest tech companies, and it markets an image of fair-trade and ethical consumerism.

8. More Secretive Than Homeland Security

A severe fear culture breeds inside the halls of the Cupertino firm. To ensure that products won’t be leaked, they have literally built walls and installed individual locks for specific products. They also don’t inform employees about the whole of the project, only on a “need to know” basis. God forbid a leak actually does occur, the entire company gets lockdown, and security teams confiscate employee smartphones and laptops to discover the “mole” - and murder them! Okay, not really, but still. Please.

7. Supported A Patent Troll

Alright so it is not exactly a cave troll, but it’s almost as bad. Back in 2012, Apple handed over at least a dozen patents to Digitude Innovations, a well-known troll that uses patents to go after tech companies. So yes, Apple handed over at least a dozen (probably as part of a settlement), but Apple, one of the wealthiest companies in the world obviously had several other options. The result? Digitude Innovations used Apple’s patents to sue other tech companies.

6. Apple Avoids Paying Taxes

Again, because they’re assholes. Don’t worry, the EU currently has them under investigation. But in the meantime, corporate tax in the US can be as much as 35% of the total income, and in Ireland, it can be 12.5%. Apple manages to pay as little as 3.7%, according to Reuters, in 2013.

5. Can’t Take Responsibility For Their Actions

Remember that time the iPods had a worm, and instead of being humble and apologizing Apple came out with “As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being hardier against such viruses, and even more upset with ourselves for not catching it.” Really? Throwing shade at Microsoft? Smooth.

4. Pretends It Generates Jobs in the US

Apple loves to tell everyone how many jobs they have created in the US. Which is true - but they count the total number including employees who worked for UPS and deliver Apple packages, so it’s a bit of an overstatement. And anyway, Apple hasn’t published data on how many jobs they’ve destroyed - which has been plenty.

3. Force Of Proprietary Apps

Sure you can download Chrome, but it will never be the default. Apple reminds us every day which is control – by force.

2. Censorship Past

Lest we not forget all the years of creepy Apple censorship, when they removed or blocked apps for questionable reasons - including WikiLeaks and Playboy. No. So much.

1. Fanboys

Ah yes, the best for last. Because as bad as Apple is, those that champion it are even worse.

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